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Your Reality Bending Morning Ritual
Create the Life You Want

The Reality Bending Morning Ritual is a relaxing yet powerful morning ritual
that will help your day run more smoothly.
You’ll start attracting more of
what you want
and less of what you don’t want. And if you practice this
ritual every morning,
your life will, over time, start to look exactly the way
you want it to.

It’s a profound yet simple practice that’s utterly enjoyable.


Step 1


When you first rise, make yourself a warm glass of lemon cayenne water.  Heat up water in a tea kettle (never use a microwave!), just to the point that it is lukewarm, so you can drink it immediately.  Sprinkle a very small amount of organic cayenne into a mug, squeeze in half of a lemon, then pour in your lukewarm.

Sip through a glass straw while looking out a window or ideally walking outside.  Soak in nature to get fully present.  Look at trees or buildings, whatever you see in your view, as if it’s the first time you’ve seen them.  Take in all of the colors and textures.  If possible, breathe in the fresh air.  Even if it’s winter time, crack open your window just a bit to breathe in the fresh air.

This step fires up your metabolism and your immune system.  It also helps you get fully present and centered for Step 2.


Step 2

After you finish your lemon water, take 3-5 very deep breaths while standing up.  When you breath in, lift your arms above your head and open up your chest.  Breath in to the count of 10, hold your breath for another 10 seconds, and breath out to the count of 10.


Step 3

Sit in a comfortable meditative type position. Start by repeating this mantra to yourself.


I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.

I am worthy of limitless joy, love, and fulfillment of my deepest desires.

Everyday it gets easier to receive pleasure, love and abundance.

I book over $30K a month in travel.

I can do this.

I now receive good graciously into my life.

Step 4

Repeat the same mantra in an Afformations® format. That’s not a typo. Afformations® are a proven way to help bring your mantra into reality. An Afformation is simply flipping your affirmations and mantras into questions. Your brain automatically tries to answer all questions that it is asked.

When you ask yourself these questions, don’t try to think of the answer, just ask the question with an open child-like curiosity and have no expectation for an answer. After each question, give gratitude as if you already have what it is you want.

To learn more about the Afformations technique, grab a copy of the best selling book, Afformations® by Noah St. John.

I am worthy of limitless joy, love, and fulfillment of my deepest desires. Why am I worthy of limitless joy, love, and fulfillment of my deepest desires?

It gets easier everyday to receive pleasure, love and abundance. Why does it get easier everyday to receive pleasure, love and abundance?

I book over $30K a month in travel. Why do I book over $30K a month in travel?

I receive good graciously into my life. Why do I now receive good graciously into my life?


Step 5

Have your short term goals for each area of your life written out on a piece of paper or in a journal. Have them written out in this type of format (as if it’s achieved) …

I book over $30K a month in travel. Why do I book over $30K a month in travel?

I workout at least 3 times every week. Why do I workout at least 3 times every week?

Create 1-3 short term goals for each area of your life (financial, career, relationships, spiritual/growth, health/wellness).

Read them to yourself.

Then sit back and visualize what it will be like to have achieved them — ALL of them. Step into the alternate reality where they have all come to fruition. When you are in the alternate reality, focus on what it FEELS like to have accomplished each and every one of your goals.

You can define short term any way that you want, but I find it works best to stick to one year goals (or shorter).

As a bonus step, you can repeat this step using your long term goals. I typically add in the bonus step on the weekends when I have a bit more time to sit and visualize.

Step 6


Tap out any gunk that’s holding you back from having what you desire. It doesn’t work to put whip cream on a mud pie! It’s still mud pie. You have to completely clear the mud pie so you can replace it with what it is you want. An easy effective way to do this is to tap using EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.

If EFT is new for you, I highly recommend getting the book: Tapping Into Wealth by Margaret Lynch. The book comes with a link to a short online video tutorial on how to tap. It’s very simple and takes less than 5 minutes to learn.

Once you know how to tap, then each morning, tap on whatever comes up for you as a block. If you’re not sure what’s blocking you, then follow the tapping exercise below, which is one of many amazing tapping exercises Margaret Lynch has created. You can can find more of them here on her blog.

Wow, this is a lot of energy

Wow, I have a lot that I am holding

I honor the past and the reasons I have hidden this.

I honor my habit and sadness about that.

Everything I gave up

Because I couldn’t show me or this big energy

I sacrificed my brilliance.

I lost my voice.

I lost a part of me.

And every time I hide this big supernova

Behind the scenes

I lose a piece of me

But I’m open to healing this

And forgive myself

For doing the best I knew how

And I now allow myself to feel this big energy

And let it move out and shine

For the highest good of me

And for everyone I touch

It’s big and it’s building

It’s strong, it’s warrior energy

It’s soft and it’s loving energy

It’s kick ass and it’s playful energy

It’s filled with my prayer and highest intention

And it’s filled with my desires and joys

This big supernova

Ready to burst!

And I now also commit

To telling anyone who will listen

To shine brightly too

My big energy is right now

My life is right now

What am I going to do next?

What happens in the world

If I start shining?

Cities could explode (ya, really!)

If I really start shining.

I wonder if the world’s ready for me?

I wonder if the world is ready for my gifts?

I wonder if the world is WAITING for my gifts?

I wonder if the world is ready for my personality?

I wonder if the world is ready for my passion?

I wonder if the world is ready for my big heart?

I wonder if the world is ready for me to speak the truth?

Oh well it better get ready…because I am exploding!

Step 7

Repeat this out loud:


Dear Universe/God,

It’s my time.

I am ready for the next step.

I am taking radical responsibility for my life.

I am willing to turn all of my fears over to my inner guide and embark on a journey to the happy dream.

I chose to forgive and see every situation with love.

Inner guide, please transform my thoughts and vision.

I forgive myself for choosing fear. Today, I chose love instead.

I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

Then, take 30-60 seconds to visualize yourself having a productive smooth day. Visualize yourself getting everything done you want to get done today and visualize it all going smoothly.

Your Reality Bending Morning Ritual is complete.


Throughout your day today, visualize achieving your goals. Activate the twinge of excitement and anticipation you get when think about achieving them.

Have a big reason behind your goals, one that’s bigger than yourself.

Schedule your goals! Make a list of what you need to do to have what you want, then schedule when you’re going to get those things done!

De-clutter your life of distractions from your goals – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

For an additional great resource on clearing money blocks, de-cluttering your life, and manifesting your desires, download this audio on
how to manifest money quickly.