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4 Simple Steps to Make 2019 Your BEST Year Yet

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions, or set big Goals for 2019?

Studies show that only 10% of people actually accomplish the goals they set. 

The good news is that YOU can be one of those 10% who succeed in 2019!

It’s not even hard, really.

You already have all the motivation you need to succeed inside of you. 

I want you to look back at 2019 and say “that is the year that I finally did that thing” (whatever “that thing” is for you). 

In today’s video I’m going to give you four simple steps to achieving those big beautiful goals that I know you’ve got for yourself. 

Let’s do this! 


In this video I’m going to talk about what it really takes to create your dream life – the stuff that most people don’t talk about. 

Each year an estimated 200 million Americans make New Year’s resolutions and around 10% of those people stick to them and create lasting change in their life. 

Now you could look at that as a 90% fail rate or you could look at the 20 plus million people that are making a lasting positive change in their life! The 20 plus million people that are quitting smoking, getting into shape, going after their dream career, getting financially fit, getting out of bad relationships, getting into good relationships… 

So, you could choose to be cynical and look at the 90% fail rate or you could choose to drop the cynicism and think: “I could be one of those millions of people that makes lasting change”. One of the people that looks back at this year and says: “That is the year that I changed this thing I’ve been wanting to change I made this improvement my life that I had been wanting to do – that was the year”. 

If you choose to drop the cynicism, then the next part is how do you have the motivation to stick it out to actually be that 10% that makes the lasting change in your life to follow the plan, to follow the pathway. How do you be the 10%? How do you stay motivated and inspired? 

The answer is you create a crystal-clear vision for your life, a Dream Life Vision. How do you want all of the relationships to look in your life? What do you want your career to look like? Your financial health? your physical health? Your spiritual health? All areas of your life — create a crystal clear vision for it.  

Here’s the secret: when you’ve got a crystal clear vision for your life that lights you up and inspires you, you don’t need motivation. The secret is motivation is not even a real thing. 

Think about Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps, do you think that his mom had to go bang on his door every morning and get him to go to the pool and swim laps while he was competing? Absolutely not!  He swam every single day, even Christmas Day, no motivation needed. He had a crystal clear vision for his life his vision was he wanted to be best in the world. He wanted to win gold medal after gold medal after gold medal and he did, no motivation required. He had a crystal clear vision. He set it as his North Star and that created a fire in his belly that fueled him.  

When you have a vision for your life that inspires you, that lights you up, 

you don’t need motivation. You’re gonna run toward that!  You’re gonna just have that fire in your belly. 

Think about Gandhi or Mother Teresa. Do you think they needed motivation to get up every day and go lead people and make our world better?  How about Beyonce, Richard Branson, Oprah, Elon Musk – do you think that they need motivation every day to get out of bed and go do what they’re doing? 

Oprah talks about how she’s never set an alarm before, she just wakes up between 6:00 and 6:20 every single morning because what all of these people that I’ve named have in common is they have a crystal clear vision for their life. They have it set as their North Star. That puts a fire in their belly and that fuels them every day. Day in and day out, and the same can be true for you too! All you need to do is create that vision and when you create that vision that fire is gonna start brewing in your belly and if it doesn’t or if you still feel frozen that’s because of one of two reasons or maybe even both of them. 

The first reason is this you’re probably not fully aligned with that vision so when you sat down and created your dreamlike vision you maybe created some or all of it around what other people’s expectations for your life are not what your true desires are. Or, you left off things because you are being judgmental about that – like some of your core desired feelings that you have you think you shouldn’t have. And so you’re creating the dream life that you think you should have you’re being judgmental about your desires. 

So, I encourage you drop the judgments!  If you want to go on luxury vacations several times a year that’s okay! If that is your core desire make that part of your Dream Life Vision. If part of what lights you up is having a closet full of expensive handbags then have that be part of your vision. You can at the same time write big checks to charity every month. You can do volunteer work and you can have some of your dream like vision just be all about you and what you want. 

So just get real and authentic about your desires in your Dream Life Vision. Let go of other people’s expectations for you in your life. Let go of what you think you should be doing and let go of those judgements. Get real, get authentic, get honest about your Dream Life Vision.

Now, the second thing that could be wrong is that you don’t actually believe that you can do what it takes to create this dream life. To fulfill on this vision that you’ve set, deep down you might think you’re not smart enough, you’re not good enough, you don’t have enough support system, enough resources, your situation isn’t right enough and all of that boils down to you don’t believe in yourself. 

Now, unless you’re like a woman in a war-torn country like Syria or something, it is never about your situation. It is never about your resources. It is about your belief in yourself. 

Here’s the ironic thing about belief: if you believe it you can achieve it. If you can believe you can do it, you’ll do it and if you believe that you can’t do it you won’t. Even if things all start lining up perfectly for you, you will find a way to self-sabotage it if you don’t truly believe it. And you have to believe first and then do it. It’s the horse and then the cart. 

So you’ve gotta belief first and then you’ll do it. You’ll naturally just start taking the steps. If you believe it, you’re gonna naturally just go towards it. You have to believe that everything is figure-out-able and that you can figure it out. You have to believe that everything is doable. You have to believe that you’re smart enough, that you’re a problem solver, that you’ll course correct as needed, that you’re coachable, and that all the right people, resources and information will show up when you need it to. With those beliefs you can make your Dream Life Vision a reality.

Now there are tons of experts out there that teach how to reprogram your brain to have a belief system that supports you. How to let go of those limiting beliefs that are not supporting you and reprogram yourself with new beliefs that do support you. Follow them, watch their videos, read their books, listen to their podcasts… 

Some of my favorites are my friend Denise Duffield Thomas. She’s amazing, google her. Marie Forleo, who actually coined the term figure-out-able. Michael Hyatt, who wrote the New York Times bestseller Your Best Year Ever. and there are many, many more! Those are just three that I love and follow.

All right, let’s land this plane. 

Number One

Drop the cynicism, it’s not serving you. Instead, be one of the 10% of people that make a lasting positive change in their life this year.

Number Two

Create your Dream Life Vision. Get real. Get honest about what you want for your life. No judgment. You can go on luxury vacations and you can write big checks to charity every month – you can do both.

Number Three 

Up-level your belief system. You need to be working on your beliefs regularly. There’s always a new level. 

Number Four 

Remain flexible. Your Dream Life Vision isn’t gonna turn out exactly how you first envisioned it and that’s okay. In fact, most of the time it turns out even better than you imagine! 

You’re gonna get new opportunities that you can’t even imagine right now. You’re gonna grow as a person. What’s important to you will change and evolve over time so create a crystal clear vision, set it as your North Star and then feel into it every single day. Imagine yourself there living it as if it’s real now. Feel into it and then let go of all of the details and let it evolve as you evolve. 

With these four steps you’ll never need motivation ever again. You’re gonna have a roaring hot fire in your belly that’s gonna fuel you day in and day out and it’s gonna fuel you on those tough days, in those tough weeks because along the way it’s not all going to be rainbows and unicorns, you are going to have problems that crop up. You’re going to need to course-correct at times there’ll be setbacks. There’s day-to-day tasks that are not exciting that just need to get done. All of that is part of the human experience. 

My invitation to you is drop the cynicism, sit down and create your Dream Life Vision. Spend a few minutes every day feeling into it. What does it feel like to have that Dream Life Vision be your reality? Feel into it as if it is real.

Up level your belief system. Continually up level your belief system. Take stock of your beliefs, let go of the ones that are not supporting you and adopt new ones that will support you and that do support you. 

Remain flexible, remain coachable and trust that everything is figure-out-able and that you will figure it out and have fun! Instead of running towards your North Star how about sing and dance your way to your North Star!  Because why not! You got this, you totally got this. 

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