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You Won’t Believe What People Are Willing To Give Up To Travel

In case you need any MORE convincing that travel is on the verge of a MASSIVE comeback…

Trivago recently released the results of a survey of over 2,000 adults in the U.S. and U.K and it’s quite clear that people are BEYOND READY to travel again!

It’s not at all surprising that the majority of the survey participants said thinking about their post-pandemic travel plans made them feel happy and excited, what might be a little surprising is what people said they were willing to give up for the chance to travel again…

“25% of both Britons and Americans say they’d give up all their savings to [travel] now, and around two-fifths (US, 38%; UK, 40%) say they’d give up sex for a year to get on the road right away. One in five said they would give up their partner to travel now, and even more telling, nearly half would give up their job (US, 48%; UK, 41%).”

Did you catch that – ONE IN FIVE people would trade their partner for the chance to travel again!!! 😲

(Okay, so part of me thinks that these people might just need to give up their partners anyway because maybe they aren’t in their ideal relationships to begin with, but that’s for another day.)

The point I’m making today is that people are DESPERATE to travel again – they are willing to give up ALL of their savings, sex, and even their partners to do it – and YOU are the person to help them!

If you are not properly marketing yourself to get in front of these travelers you are missing out on MASSIVE opportunity right now.

NOW is the time to get your marketing ON POINT so that you can reach all these travelers and help them plan amazing travel experiences.

To help you do that I’m offering a free Travel Agent Marketing Masterclass and preview of the Travel Expert Marketing Academy!

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Love & Success,

Heidi DeCoux

P.S. This class is free and open to all travel agents. If you have any travel agent friends who might want to join you for this class, please forward them this email, or just tell them to register at

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