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Why Successful Travel Agents Offer Free Consults

The most effective way to convert a prospective client into a paying client is by giving them a free consultation (usually held over-the-phone).  When done right, these consultations usually only take around 15 minutes (a little longer if the prospective client decides to hire you and you collect a planning fee and/or service contract from them).

Throughout your marketing you should be inviting ideal prospective clients to book their free consultation with you. The way to do this is to create a compelling name and pitch for your “free consultation” and then invite people to book your free consultation on every page of your website, on your business cards, any brochures and other marketing pieces you have, and so on.

successful Travel Agents Offer Free Consults

Do not—let me say that again—do not call it a “free consultation”.  Your prospective IDEAL clients will be much more likely to sign up for it, and show up for it, if you create a compelling name and pitch for it.

Here are some ideas on what to call it:

European Adventure Planning Session

Dream Honeymoon Planning Session

Find Your Perfect Cruise Matching Session

Family Fun Planning Session

Group Travel Planning Session

We have a fun and helpful training module dedicated to helping create a free consult that’s compelling to YOUR ideal client inside the Travel Expert Marketing Academy.  If you’re not yet a member, register for a FREE preview of the academy here.

To get more free consults with IDEAL clients you need to make it SUPER easy for them to book with you, and the best way to this is by using an Online Scheduler.  For details on how to do this – and why YOU NEED to use an Online Scheduler, click here.

In next week’s Travel Expert Insider I’ll be sharing with you the key differences between a GREAT free consult that gets you new clients, and a bad one that wastes your time and their time.  Watch your inbox for it next Thursday!

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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