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Why You Need To Offer A Free Consult And What To Call It

As you may have heard, I married the love of my life last weekend!!  It was a BIG, loud, colorful, multi-day affair… and absolutely amazing. 

Heidi and Farukh wedding for 5.26.16

Yesterday we headed to Europe for our honeymoon… and some much needed R&R!!  🙂    

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For today’s Travel Expert Insider I want to share with you one key element your website needs in order to be effective.

The primary reason for a website is to attract DREAM clients and turn them into paying clients.  In order to convert a prospective dream client into a paying client you need to get your website visitors to book a free consultation with you.

To do this, create a compelling name and pitch for your “free consultation” and then invite people to book your free consultation on every page of your website.

Don’t … and I repeat… do not call it a “free consultation”.  Your prospective dream clients will be much more likely to sign up for it, and show up for it, if you create a compelling name and pitch for it.


Here are some ideas on what to call it…

European Adventure Planning Session

Dream Honeymoon Planning Session

Let’s Get Acquainted Session

Find Your Perfect Cruise Matching Session

Family Fun Planning Session

Group Travel Planning Session


Travel Agent Free Consultation

We have a fun and helpful training module dedicated to this inside the Travel Expert Marketing Academy.  If you’re not yet a member, register for a FREE preview of the academy here.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team


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