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We Don’t Just Create Fantastic Websites


Your website is your #1 marketing tool. If your website isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do — that is, driving traffic, piquing the interest of IDEAL clients, and making it super easy and attractive for your ideal clients to take action, then it’s a huge waste of your time and money.


Hi, I’m Heidi DeCoux. Today, I am mostly known as a Marketing Maven, but what you may not know about me is that once upon a time I was a Professional Organizer.

When I was first getting started as an organizer, I had a full-time job and was building my organizing business on the side.

At some point, I got the courage to quit my job and work “all out” on my new business. I had a BIG vision, but was without the safety net of a job, I needed to make it work. I immersed myself in the world of marketing so that I could go big! I spent thousands of dollars AND hundreds of hours on valuable marketing courses, programs, and workshops.

I was running my business by day and toiling away at marketing strategies by night. There were many late nights!

All of these great marketing courses were teaching me that I needed a website. I asked around and was eventually referred to a web designer who was a friend of a friend. I set up a meeting with him, wrote him a check, and he started building me a beautiful website.

Have you ever heard the saying “What you don’t know can’t hurt you”? Well, that’s dead wrong. I didn’t know that web designers are not marketers and for the most part they have NO IDEA how to build an effective website that attracts your ideal clients and converts them into paying clients.

Designers make pretty things, and pretty things aren’t guaranteed to put money in your bank account, unless they are backed by a proven layout and strategy.

In the blink of an eye I had wasted $3,000 on a completely ineffective, worthless (but beautiful!) website.


After I figured out everything that was wrong with my website, I created a list of changes I wanted made to my website and gave the list to my web designer, which of course I had to pay extra for.

Double Arg!

He then proceeded to argue with me that the changes I wanted him to make would “interrupt the design integrity”. That’s fancy designer-speak for “It won’t look as pretty”. To which I responded, “Yep, I know, but it will make me money and I have a mortgage to pay”.

Begrudgingly he made the changes I requested and almost immediately my website started producing better results. Ideal clients started to trickle in.

Unfortunately I had to spend an additional $1,500 getting the list of changes made. So all in all my new professional organizing website cost me $4,500, and that was back in 2006. Ouch.

The story only gets worse.

In the marketing programs and courses I was taking I started learning about the importance of having an Irresistible Free Offer (IFO), a matching e-Newsletter Template (e-Newsletter is a catchy word for an online newsletter), a marketing/sales funnel of auto-responder emails set up on auto-pilot, and traffic strategies in place so that new ideal prospective clients can find your website.

Side note: if your eyes are glazing over at all of the marketing terms in that last paragraph, it’s okay, just bear with me for a few more moments.

The good news was that I realized my website could be even more effective if I had these additional elements in place. But the bad news was that I had to spend MORE money to get these additional important elements in place.


Oh but that wasn’t all of the bad news. I also realized that I was completely dependent on my web designer. He had built me a full HTML website which meant that in order to make any changes to it, I would have to pay him to do so (or another programmer that knows how to write HTML code). I could not make ANY changes to my own website, ever, unless I learned to write code.

You can probably imagine how frustrated I was by this point.

All I wanted to do was run my little business that I loved and carve out a living doing it. Was that too much to ask?

Because I was really freaking committed to making my business work, back to the drawing board I went. I blew up my expensive mistake of a website and started over.

You read that right. $4,500 down the drain along with hours and hours of my time. As hard as that was to swallow, I knew in my heart that my current website was holding me back from the success I desired.

Armed with a lot more knowledge and know-how, I started the process over again with a new WordPress web designer. One year and another two grand later, I had finally built a successful and profitable business. I had a great looking and highly effective WordPress website that I could update all by myself. I had a high-converting IFO (email opt-in offer), an e-Newsletter Template that matched my website, follow-up auto-responder emails, a bi-weekly e-Newsletter that I was sending out to my email list, and some effective traffic strategies in place that were sending new ideal clients to my website everyday.

It was an expensive, frustrating journey that in the end made me feel like I had earned a Ph.D in marketing and web design.

Within 18 months of starting over with a new website and online platform, I built an email list of over 10,000 people. I had a waiting list of clients. I was charging a higher rate than all of the organizers in my area. And I successfully launched a line of organizing products that I sold through my website.

My friends and clients took note of my creation and began asking me to help them with their businesses. So, on the side, I began consulting clients on how to market their small businesses and what type of website and online marketing platform they needed.

I realized that I was not alone. There were thousands of small business owners that had wasted TONS of money, just like I did, because there was a huge gap in the marketplace for affordable effective websites and online marketing solutions.

I decided to fill that gap. I started a boutique marketing firm, CSM Talent. It grew fast! Within a year I had a staff of eight and have never looked back. I absolutely LOVE giving entrepreneurs exactly what they need to be wildly successful.

Your Website Package Includes…

  • A beautiful and Effective WordPress Website that you can update yourself and we’re here for you if you prefer us to make your updates for you. Updates are just $2/minute with a 30-minute minimum.
  • Basic SEO built into your site so that prospective clients can find you. We’ll also install analytics tracking and give you access to short video tutorials on how to review & monitor your analytics.
  • Short easy-to-follow Tutorials Videos that show you how to make updates to your new website.
  • A Tested and Effective IFO (Irresistible Free Offer). Your IFO is designed to help you build a large email list of IDEAL clients. We give you five different IFO’s to chose from and they are all FULLY customizable. Or if you prefer, you can create your own.
  • A custom designed e-Newsletter Template that matches your new website so that you can send out a gorgeous e-Newsletter and promotional emails to your email list.
  • Follow-Up Auto-Responder Emails designed to help convert your prospective clients into paying clients! We had these professionally written for you and they have been proven to be highly effective.
  • We will install your Online Scheduling Software so that your prospective clients can easily book consultations with you. If you don’t have online scheduling software account set up, we’ll give you a short easy-to-follow video that walks you through how to do that.


If some of these marketing terms are making your head spin, it’s okay. After you order your Website Package, you will be assigned to a Project Manager who will make the process as simple and time efficient as possible for you.


And the best part is, we handle all of the technical details for you! You’ll be up and running in four to six weeks.

We all know that it’s pretty much impossible to have a thriving travel business if you don’t have a website, an email opt-in offer, and an e-Newsletter.

If you want to make a handsome living and not work a ton of hours, you need to have an online marketing platform that is working for you 24/7.


You are getting an exclusive done-for-you Website Package that will supercharge your business! The process will be as smooth, simple, and time efficient as possible. And the best part is, we’ve made it super affordable for you.


What People Are Saying


Within 90 days of my new website going live, I experienced a 34% increase in revenue! I now recommend CSM Talent to everyone.

– Nichi Hirsch


The delightful part of working with CSM Talent, other than the very reasonable price, was how friendly and helpful they are. They are very good at what they do but they are human at the same time. I feel as if I am working with a friend, even though we have never met in person before. I am the kind of person that does a lot of research before I enter into type of agreement or purchase. CSM Talent came highly recommended to me and I love how they make things as easy as possible.

– Brooke Standley


We love our new website that CSM Talent created for us!!! It exemplifies who we are and what we do. Our project manager Kristy was such a pleasure to work with. She recommended additional tweaks to our website design which made it even better.

– Shauna and Dean Treichel


Before I worked with CSM Talent, I had a website that wasn’t bringing in any traffic. It was very basic in nature and not getting the kind of business I had hoped for. I’m so grateful I was able to take advantage of the opportunity to work with them! Not only were they affordable, but they were GREAT to work with. They turned my boring website to a dynamic website that now expresses the most important things; who I am what services I have to offer.



I wanted a website where I could make changes easily on my own. GIFTE had a partnered with CSM Talent to offer a website/email template package for travel agents at an affordable price, just what I needed!

All I had to do was provide some wording and photos and everything else was done for me. From the beginning to end Kristy, my project manager, was there to answer any questions and make changes that I had requested.

After the website was done, they provided a video tutorial to explain the features of the site and how to make changes. I definitely would recommend the services CSM Talent and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

– Kathy Takushi


Everyone at Marketing For Travel Agents has been a pleasure to work with! It was a smooth experience. I have been getting a ton of great feedback on my new website. Thank you for all that you do.

– Janine Queenin

Here Are Your Options:

  • You could spend months trying to build a website yourself, testing IFO’s, crafting and testing auto-responder emails, taking marketing courses that teach effective layouts and strategies, and designing graphics.
  • You could hire a cheap web designer that probably doesn’t understand your travel business and how to set up your online platform in a way that puts money in your bank account month after month.
  • You could hire a traditional marketing firm that will most likely get you good results and you’ll spend at least $6,000.
  • You could grab the Website Package that we designed exclusively for YOU and discounted over 50%!

Here’s What You Get

Tool #1 – Client-Generating Money-Making Website


Your website comes with a built-in blog and a basic customization package. It will look beautiful on both computers and mobile devices. You can chose from eight gorgeous designs based on your branding. You’ll get a FULL plugins package pre-installed and pre-configured.


Tool #2 – Easy-to-Follow Online Tutorial Videos

You will be able to make updates to your website quickly and easily, all by yourself! After watching the tutorial videos, you’ll know how to:

  • create new blog posts
  • add images
  • change text
  • add videos
  • monitor your website traffic

You will be self-sufficient so you don’t need to pay for ongoing website support. But, if you prefer, or if you have a complicated update you want made, we can handle updates for you for just $2/minute with a 30-minute minimum.


Tool #3 – High-Converting IFO

You get a done-for-you Irresistible Free Offer (IFO), specific to your niche, that will help you build your email list FAST!

We put together a valuable special report that your ideal prospective clients will love! This report builds your email list and entices prospective clients to schedule an Initial Consultation with you.

The report is a beautiful PDF that matches your website and is customized with your contact information and links to your website. If there are any additional customizations you want made to your report, we would be happy to handle those for you, your project manager can provide you an estimate based on your desires.


Tool #4 – Customized Email Template

You get a done-for-you customized email template that matches your new website! Your template will be customized with your photo, links to your website, and your contact information.

We create the template in your email marketing system so that you can send out a professional looking e-Newsletter and promotional emails. If you don’t have an email marketing system, we will help you set one up and we’ll configure it for you.


Tool #5 – Two Customized Email Auto-Responders

You get a done-for-you prospective client follow-up system that works on auto-pilot!

After your prospective clients opt-in for your free special report, they are directed to a web page that contains the special report. Then, over the course of 10 days your prospective clients will automatically receive two follow-up emails that entice them to schedule an Initial Consultation with you.

We program these emails into your email marketing system, so that they get sent out automatically. They are designed to convert prospective clients into paying clients! They will work for you for years to come and do so on auto-pilot!

Your Free Bonus

Websites are not like the field of dreams where “if you build it they will come”. So, as a free bonus we will show you 14 different ways to drive ideal prospective clients to your website.


Here’s How the Process Works


Are You Serious About Attracting
More Ideal Clients?

If yes, then today is the day to get your Website Package. There is NO other type of package available that is this comprehensive and effective, for this price point.

The Tourism Intelligence International reported that Americans are predicted to spend 9% more on travel this year and the majority of that 9% will be luxury travelers.

Do you want a slice of that pie? Or do you want to let your competitors get all of those new luxury travelers as clients because you don’t have the right type of website and online marketing in place?

Grab Your Exclusive Travel Agent
Website Package Now

If you were to buy each of the items included in this Website Package separately, it would cost you over $3000. We bundled them up in this Kit and made it available exclusively to the Travel Entrepreneur community for ONLY $1497!

We also have a 4-pay option available.


*If you chose the payment plan, your 1st payment is charged immediately, 2nd payment in 30 days, 3rd payment in 60 days, and final payment in 90 days.

Here Are The Eight Beautiful Designs
You Can Choose From

Your template will be customized for you, and designed to attract YOUR ideal clients. We start with a template in order to keep the cost of this website package low. If we built your site from scratch, we would need to charge quite a bit more because of the labor costs.

With that said, your new website will be FULLY customizable. It can grow and evolve with you as you grow and evolve your business. We’ll give you a nice set of customizations included in your website package purchase, and then for any additional customizations that you want made, now or in the future, we’ll give you 20% off our normal rate — or you can make the customizations yourself, or have someone else do them for you.

You will own and manage your own website, which means that you do not have to purchase any additional website services from us if you don’t want to. And we will give you tutorial videos that show you how to make changes and update your new website (it’s very easy to do!).


To see each design in full size, first click anywhere on the image. Then click on the upper right hand corner to expand the image. Then to go back, just click anywhere on the expanded image.













Here Are All the Nitty-Gritty Details

You’ll get the following 7 pages created and designed:

1: Home – This page features your pull questions, personal information about you, and the benefits to your clients of doing business with you.

2: Services – This page entices prospective clients by highlighting your specialties.

3: About Us – This page builds a “know, like, and trust” relationship with your prospective clients.

4: Contact – This page makes it easy for both clients and prospective clients to get in touch with you. It features your contact information, and an online email form.

5: Thank You! – New email subscribers are directed to this page after they opt-in for your free special report. This page also builds a “know, like, and trust” relationship.

6: Privacy Policy – This page is now required by law and links to it appear in your footers.

7: Initial Consultation – This page features a survey that collects information about your prospective clients and their travel plans.


You’ll get a Built-in Blog.

We will configure your blog with a ping list — every time you publish a new blog post it will be instantly featured on over 100 related websites. This gives you a free, automated method for driving prospective clients to your website.

You’ll Get a Full Plugins Package Pre-Installed & Pre-Configured.

You’ll Get a Basic Customization Package Which Includes: Adding Your Images + Your Copy +
Your Logo (if you have one)

We customize the 4 primary pages of your new website: Home, Services, About, and Contact pages, with your copy, images and headshot. We insert standard pre-written copy on your Thank you, Privacy Policy, and Initial Consultation pages. If at any time you want to update the copy on your website, you can do so yourself by following the short simple tutorial videos we will be proving you. Also, we are happy to make additional changes to your website anytime you need us.

Stock Photos – We will provide all of the photos for your website (except your head shot of course). We purchase the photos for you (all of the images on your website are included in the price of your Kit). If you have specific images you want to use instead of the standard ones we’ve selected for each design template, you can submit those to us and we are happy to use them.

Google Analytics Installed – We pre-install Google Analytics, which is critical to understanding your impact. We give you training videos on reading your analytics.

Backup System Installed – We configure your backup system to back up your entire website once per week. You are responsible for the cost of whatever back-up program you may currently use to back up your website. The service we recommend costs about $60 per year.

Domain Name Redirects – We create your website under your advertised domain name (you chose your domain name). Then we direct as many additional domain names to your website as you would like, as long as they are at the same domain-name registrar. There is an additional fee if you have more than one domain name and they are at different domain-name registrars.

Videos – You can easily upload videos to your website on any page, or to your blog. We will provide you a short tutorial video that shows you exactly how to add your videos to your website.

Additional Customizations – We program your website with key customizations:

  • Social media buttons
  • Client testimonials throughout your website
  • Your certification and affiliation logos
  • Your contact information in the footer
  • Your meta tags and title tags, which make it easier for people to find you on Google

If you would like any upgraded customizations or to change any of the design elements on your website, we would be happy to make additional changes to your website on an on-going basis for 20% OFF our normal rate!


The Additional Costs You Can Expect:

Website Hosting – Based on your needs, we recommend a hosting company and a hosting plan. Approximately $190 for two years ($7.95/month).

Website Backup – We recommend using CodeGuard. Approximately $60/year.

Website Maintenance – You will need to keep your website up to date with the latest version of WordPress and WordPress plugins, and you will need to test your backup system on a quarterly basis. Our website maintenance plans are $46/quarter.

Domain Name Hosting – You will need to own a domain name. Approximately $12/year. We recommend GoDaddy.

Anti-Hacker Software – After your new website is live, we recommend that you have an anti-hacking program installed on your website. The one we personally use on our website and recommend to our clients is approximately $50/year. This is optional but we highly recommend it.

Online Scheduler – We recommend that you use an automated online scheduling system such as Time Trade to make it fast and easy for prospective clients to book their “Initial Consultation” with you. The cost will be approximately $50/year. We would be happy to configure your online scheduler for you. On average, it takes us 30 minutes to configure a new account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to build my new website?

3-6 weeks from the time you submit all of your content and info for your new website. We’ll give you a really easy-to-follow checklist that will help you prepare your information and submit it.

What’s the difference between the Standard Website and a Custom Website?

A Standard Website is built using a template, which saves a lot of labor – and therefore saves you money. Also, it’s plug-and-play, which makes it faster and easier for you to get your new website up and running. A Custom Website is fully custom, which means that you are starting with a white canvas and have a LOT more decisions you need to make and the process is significantly more lengthy. With the Standard Website option, you don’t have any restrictions on the design or content of the website. Often times people think that because it’s built using a template they are restricted on their design options – that’s not the case. Your Standard Website is FULLY customizable. And with both options you can update many parts of your website yourself. We give you tutorial videos that show you how to make many changes on your own (and it’s really easy to do!).

I already have a website through my host company. Can we combine the two websites or link to my other website?

Yes, we can link the two websites if you would like. And if you have a booking engine that you want to promote on your new website and link to it – that’s fine too!

Do I fully own my new website?

Yes!! Your new website is 100% yours! You can do anything you want with it, you fully own it and operate it. It’s like ordering a new car. You pick out the car, the color, the features, pay for it, have it delivered, and then it’s YOUR car. You never have to go back to the dealership if you don’t want to, you can sell it, you can change it, it’s 100% yours.

Who manages my new website?

You do. The website is 100% yours and therefore it is 100% your responsibility. We have an optional Back-End Maintenance Plan available that is $46/quarter and includes having us fully update the back-end of your website, run diagnostic tests, test your backup system, and so on – once each quarter. We’ll tell you more about that optional service after your new custom website is live. You can choose to update your website yourself, or have someone else do it. This service is 100% optional and if you do choose to use the service, you can cancel it at anytime. As far as the front-end updates and changes that you want made to your website, you can either do those yourself using the tutorial videos we give you access to, or you can hire us to do them for you at 20% off our normal hourly rate, or you can have someone else do them for you. The website is yours and you can choose how you want to keep both the back-end and front-end updated.

I am an Academy Member. Can I still purchase a website if I cancel my Academy Membership?

Yes, you do not have to be an Academy Member to purchase a website package. We of course recommend that you are an Academy Member because the Academy gives you all of the training and resources you need to attract ideal DREAM clients to your new website.

How long does it take to build my new website?

3-6 weeks from the time you submit all of your information to us. Once you purchase your website package, you’ll get access to a checklist that walks you through the process of collecting and submitting your information to us. You’ll also be assigned a Project Manager who is available to answer any questions you have during the process.

Do I need to be a tech savvy person to have my own website?

Nope! We give you access to short easy-to-follow tutorial videos that show you how to make changes to your website. And you can have us make changes for you. We’ll give you 20% off our normal hourly rate. Or you can have another web designer or programmer make your changes for you.

As the Saying Goes

If you keep doing what you’re doing,
you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.
Instead do something today
that your future self with thank you for.

Website Package

Grab Your Exclusive Travel Agent
Website Package Now

If you were to buy each of the items included in this Website Package separately, it would cost you over $3000. We bundled them up in this Kit and made it available exclusively to the Travel Entrepreneur community for ONLY $1497!

We also have a 4-pay option available.


*If you chose the payment plan, your 1st payment is charged immediately, 2nd payment in 30 days, 3rd payment in 60 days, and final payment in 90 days.

Have Questions?
Schedule a Time to Talk

If we were to answer every last question on this page, the page would go on and on forever. And although we’re a high-tech company, we’re also high-touch! We believe that nothing beats a good conversation. So let’s chat! Find a time that’s convenient for you using our online scheduler. You can choose to meet with Heidi. We will spend 15 minutes answering all of your questions – the good ol’ fashion way, by talking!

Schedule a personal call!