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How To Use Facebook Live To Get More Clients

As you may be aware, the number of people who see the posts on your business Facebook page is low.  Even if you have a lot of people who “like” your page, only a small percentage of them see your posts, unless you pay to boost your post or you pay for an ad.

However, Facebook is still a great tool for travel agents to use to get more dream clients, you simply need to have an effective Facebook marketing plan in place.

This week I’m sharing with you one simple Facebook strategy that you can start using immediately to get more clients using Facebook Live (which is a free Facebook tool).  If you have no idea what Facebook Live is, hang tight, I’ll explain in minute.

Use Facebook Live to Boost Your Organic Reach

Currently when you do a Facebook Live it shows up at the TOP of your follower’s feeds – so a lot of your followers are going to see it (unlike most of your Facebook posts which only a tiny fraction of your followers see). 

You could use Facebook Live in a variety of different ways to get new clients.  This week I am going to tell you about two particular strategies that work well. 

If you’re not a tech person, you’ll especially love this strategy because all you have to do is press three buttons – that’s it!

So, What is Facebook Live?

It is a tool that allows you to stream live video on Facebook. 

How Do I Use Facebook Live to Get More Clients?

One of the best ways to use it is on your FAM Trips and property tours.  People LOVE to see your FAM Trips and property/destination/attraction tours!  Stream quick 1-2 minute Facebook Live videos showing your followers in real time a stunning view, a cool feature, a private lounge, a gorgeous meal, an introduction to a great tour guide… things like that. 

On your next trip, you could do several Facebook Live videos each day.  Here are just some of the benefits of doing these videos…

  • It helps you build a know, like, and trust relationship with your followers because they get to see and hear you 
  • It builds your expert status
  • It gets them excited to book their next adventure
  • It gives them something fun to share with their friends

Side note:  we did a blog post awhile back on how to get bookings while you’re on your FAM Trip.  Be sure to check that out.

Another great way to use Facebook Live is to simply give one GREAT travel tip or answer a question that you hear all the time from your best clients.  Keep your video under two minutes for best results. 


Instructions for Doing Facebook Live:

Open up Facebook on your phone and tap “What’s on your mind?”  (located at the top of your News Feed in your Facebook app). Tap “Go Live”.  If your screen does not look like the one in the image below, look for that little red icon and click on it.  It may be located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

How to Facebook live


This window may pop up, in which case, click “Allow”.  After this window, a second one may pop up asking permission to use your audio, click “Allow” again.

FaceBook Live 2


Write in a description for your video, such as “A Tour of The Hottest Property In Maldives!”  Tap Go Live again, and start your live broadcast.

FaceBook Live 3


In order to broadcast a Facebook Live video to your business page, you’ll need to first get your phone set up to post to your business page.  We gave you instructions last week on how to post to your Facebook business page from your phone.

Please be aware that Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm, so Facebook Live may not always show up at the top of feeds, it just is at the time of this post.  Even if it is no longer showing up at the top, the strategy still stands and we recommend using it.

This is just one Facebook strategy.  In order to fully leverage Facebook to continually grow your email list and get more clients, you need to have an effective Facebook marketing plan in place.  In the Travel Expert Marketing Academy we walk you through the process of setting up a strategic and effective plan for leveraging Facebook to bring you in more dream clients.

And we show you how to automate as much of your marketing plan as possible. If you are not yet an academy member, you can get the details and join The Travel Expert Marketing here.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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