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Travel Agents! Let’s talk about how to grow your travel business

There are few things more frustrating as a travel agent than those “clients” who pretend they are interested in your services, but are really only interested in picking your brain and getting as much as they can out of you for free so they can book their own travel. 😖

It’s a complete waste of your time, and it steals time that you could, and should be spending growing your business and working with clients who know your value!

In today’s Travel Expert Insider, Galen is going tell you one simple strategy that you can implement TODAY to end the dreaded cycle of working for free!


As a travel agent, everyone wants you to work for free.

How do you maximize your time? Maximize your profitability? Maximize your commissions? And decrease wasting your time?

In this video, I’ll be showing you one secret that you can implement right now that will help you avoid the time wasters and the tire kickers. Avoid building itineraries for people who are never going to book with you.

My name is Galen Wood with Marketing for Travel Agents. Today’s video is all about getting your clients to sign a client services agreement. A client services agreement is a non-binding contract that lets you know how serious your client is about actually booking with you.

It lets you separate the people who actually value your time from the people who want to waste your time. It also communicates to your expectations. It lets them know in black and white exactly what they should expect from you and exactly what the process is like of working with you.

This builds a much more harmonious relationship for both of you, creates a more harmonious process, and helps make everything be easier for every step of the way. Also, and most importantly, it makes them more likely to book with you. When they sign on the dotted line as it were, they’re more likely to move forward with you.

And that’s what we’re all about. If you want more clients, more ideal clients, download the marketing blueprint. It’s linked below. If you want us to walk you through the marketing blueprint come to our marketing masterclass. And if you want us to hold your hand as you build a marketing plan and included with done for you tutorials, templates, everything that you would need to build an amazing marketing plan that gets you a sea of ideal clients come join us in the



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