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The Most Popular Class for Travel Agents

Hello, Travel Expert Insider,

There’s one particular thing that most travel agents struggle with – can you guess what it is? Most likely you’ve struggled with it at one point or another, and unfortunately, it affects the number of new IDEAL clients you attract.

A few years ago I taught a class designed to help travel agents with this one particular issue, and it ended up being extremely popular – more than I ever expected.  I got so much great feedback from travel agents, just like you, about the class that I decided to create an updated version of it, and give it to you – my compliments.

So what is this thing that is affecting the number of new IDEAL clients you’re getting?  It’s copywriting.  Specifically, it’s writing compelling copy – copy for your website, your newsletters, your marketing materials, your bio, and so on.

If this is something you struggle with, or you simply want to get better at, download the new class I created for you (FREE of charge). 

FREE Travel Agent
Copywriting Class

You’ll learn a powerful 3-step process for transforming your copy from blah, bland, cliché, average, sea-of-sameness jumble of sentences…into statements that don’t just turn heads, but attract DREAM clients.
Lots of dream clients.

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In this online class, I’ll walk you through a simple yet really powerful 3 Step Process for Writing Compelling Copy – copy attracts your IDEAL clients and makes them want to hire you.

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Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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