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Travel Agent Marketing Plan and Lateral Thinking

One of my superpowers is that I am an expert problem solver. Whenever I see a problem, my mind immediately thinks of the best way to solve it and I jump into action.

I recently read a great book that added to my problem-solving tool box, and I want to tell you about it today.  It’s called Smartcuts: The Breakthrough Power of Lateral Thinking and it’s all about using the concept of Lateral Thinking to shortcut your success.

To put it simply, lateral thinking is a way of problem solving where you deliberately ignore the obvious solution and consider the problem from less-obvious, more creative, and ultimately more effective angles.

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Travel agent, do you have a plan for making 2021 a record year in your travel business? The comeback year? One thing that your plan needs is something called lateral thinking. Lateral thinking will help you shortcut your success so that you can have a record year and then build on the success of that year. And it’s going to help you attract a sea of ideal clients.

The clients that you love to work with doing the bookings that you really want to be doing. Now, lateral thinking is a new concept for you. And or if you don’t have a plan for 2021, I’m here to help walk you through it. So I’ve worked with over a thousand travel agents, just like you to grow their travel business to six and seven figures.

And right now in my premier program, the Travel Expert Marketing Academy, I’ve got travel agents who are getting incredible bookings. They’re charging really high planning fees and easily getting them, not all, but those who choose to charge the planning fees and they are positioned for immense success in 2021 and beyond. So let’s start with lateral thinking and then I’m going to share with you how you can get a plan, a proven marketing plan to implement in your business in 2021 for free.So there’s this fantastic book called Smartcuts that I recommend reading. You can check it out from your library or get it from Shane Snow. It’s the breakthrough power of lateral thinking. And there’s a very short story here that shows you what lateral thinking is and the power of it.

And I want to share this with you quickly, pretend you’re driving a car in the middle of a thunderstorm and you happen upon three people on the side of the road. One of them is a frail old woman who looks on the verge of collapse. Another is a friend who once saved your life. The other is a romantic interest of your dreams, and there’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet them.

You have only one seat in your car, who do you choose? So there’s a good reason to choose any of the three. The old woman needs your help. The friend deserves your payback and clearly a happy future with a person of your dreams will have an enormous long-term impact on your life. So who do you pick?

The old woman, of course! Then, give your car keys to your friend and stay behind with the romantic interest to wait for the bus. This is an exercise in lateral thinking. So by using lateral thinking, you helped all three people. And that, my friend, is what you need to be doing in your travel business in order to be immensely successful going forward. So I want to show you how to do lateral thinking, and I want to give you a free proven marketing plan for your travel business.

So click the link below, and you’re going to be taken to a page to download this free online marketing blueprint. It’s I think four pages long. And then you’re going to be invited to a free online marketing masterclass, where I’m going to walk you through a very specific strategy.

That’s working for my clients right now, my travel agents at getting great bookings, incredible bookings. And then I’m going to walk you through this marketing blueprint so you understand all of the steps of it. And at the end of class, I’m going to tell you all about the Travel Expert Marketing Academy and give you a very special offer to join my team and I, so we can actually help you implement the entire blueprint quickly and easily and implement a very specific strategy. That’s going to get you results now. So we want to get you results in your travel business right now. Then we want to get you set up for success in throughout 2021 and beyond.

So click that link below, download your free marketing blueprint, and then register for a free online marketing masterclass, which we’re hosting in all the time zones across the planet. So you can choose a day and a time that’s convenient for you. Let’s make 2021, your big comeback year. The year that makes up for 2020 and more. You can be Phoenix rising from the ashes in 2021.

And my team and I would be thrilled to be by your side, as you do it, to help you along the way, be on the journey with you. So click that link below, download your blueprint and I’ll see you in class.




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