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Are you struggling to start an email list or grow the one you have? Are you struggling with what to send out and how to actually get people to open your emails and want to book trips with you?

If yes, I invite you to my brand new FREE online class!

I want to take away ALL of your overwhelm and ensure you get the results you want by showing you the quickest way to start and grow your email list and how to send out high-quality content that actually gets people to book with you.

There are 3 highly effective FREE strategies that you can use to get IMMEDIATE results, even if your email list is currently at ZERO. In this class, I’ll walk you through them step-by-step and even give you proven scripts.

Dozens of agents have already implemented the 3 easy strategies I laid out in the training and have reported FANTASTIC results!

Now I want YOU to get fantastic results.

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To grow your travel business – or even sustain it during the times we’re in – one thing you absolutely need as part of your marketing plan is an EFFECTIVE e-Newsletter AND an email list of ideal prospective clients (to whom you send your newsletters).

Sending out an effective high-quality e-Newsletter, and growing your email list can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re not exactly sure how to do it or you’ve tried it before and didn’t get results from it. This FREE marketing class will show you exactly what to do to get results quickly.


Love & Success,
Heidi and Your Marketing Team

P.S. Invite all of your travel agent friends – the more the merrier! Forward them this email now.

P.P.S. If you’re in the Travel Expert Marketing Academy, you’ll still get a ton of value from this training and I encourage you to attend.

Get the details and register here.