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How to Handle Competition as a Travel Agent

Do you worry about how to handle competition as a travel agent?

Do you ever wonder if there are enough ideal travel clients to go around?

I’m here today to tell you that you never have to worry about competition again.  I mean it!

You are free to let go of the fear of competition (that’s only holding you back) and move on to creating the wildly successful business of your dreams.

Watch this 5-minute video and learn how.


If you’re feeling threatened by other travel agents or like there’s just too much competition out there, then this video is for you.  I’m going to show you how you can have no competition as a travel agent.

Other travel agents are not your competition.  They’re your allies.  And let me share a short story with you to illustrate this.


So there’s this antique store out on the edge of town where people had to drive there to go and do their antique shopping. Well, then four more antique stores opened up right there next to them on the outside of town.

So now there are five antique stores in this little corner on the outside of town.  So you might think ah, my business is gonna shut down! How on earth are five of us going to survive when one store was barely making it?

But the owner of that one antique store was smart.  So she went and talked to the owners of the other four stores and said, “How about we create this as a destination?  We’ll call it Antique Alley.  And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pull our marketing money, and we’re gonna come together and do a press release in the local paper inviting people out to Antique Alley and we’re going to…”

I keep wanting to say ally because you’re really creating allies, right?

So you’re creating allies with your other travel agents just like this antique store did to create Antique Alley.  They made it a destination.  So they got press coverage.

They did flyers at doorsteps, and they were able to afford that because they pulled their marketing dollars.   They would plan events together so they’d have these fun Antique Alley Saturdays. They would have free ice cream and things like that.

And so then it became this destination where people instead of just driving to the edge of town to go to one antique store, they could go to Antique Alley, and they’d have five stores and they’d have fun things going on and events and all five stores thrived on Antique Alley!

In fact, that one store that was there before was barely making it. Every year, they were considering shutting down, but once four stores open near them, they were a robust business. They got to grow and expand and had way more fun.

My favorite quote of all time is: a rising tide lifts all boats, and that is true for you as a travel agent.  A rising tide lifts all boats.

So when we band together with other travel agents, then what you’re gonna find is that you can mastermind with each other network with each other.  You can share resources and tools and ideas, and you can raise awareness that travel agents still exist and that you’re best off booking those dream vacation group trips bucket lists trips with a travel agent instead of doing it yourself online.


And so the more travel agents there are out educating people, the more people are using travel agents.  And the reality is if you look at the actual numbers, there are way too few travel agents right now.

Now if you’re thinking, “Well if there are too few travel agents, why am I struggling to find ideal clients?”

That is an issue with your marketing.

When your marketing is on point – you’ve got the right marketing message in front of the right people with the right lead sources that are generating, bringing in those leads and putting them through an automated process where you’re warming them up and turning them into actual paying clients.

When that’s all in place, then the floodgates open and you’re gonna see there are way more clients out there than you can actually serve.  Because the reality in the numbers are there are way more of those high-end travelers than there are agents to serve them.  The only gap is in your marketing.


Are you ready to let go of the fear that’s holding you back and finally create the abundant, freedom-giving travel agency you’re dreaming about?

If so, we invite you to join our free replay of the Travel Agent Marketing Masterclass and let us show you how!

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