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The Best Website for Travel Agents

One of the questions I get asked the most by travel agents is about the best way to get a website… and in today’s video I’m going to answer that for you!

I also have a new partnership – that’s going to save you a ton of time and money – that I’m super excited to share with you…

To download the travel agent website guide, click here.

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Hey there travel agents! In this video, I’m going to walk you through the best website options for travel agents.

So there are three ways to get a beautiful and effective website – effective, meaning it actually gets people to want to book with you and to take the next step in working with you.

So, first option is you can build it yourself using one of the DIY, do it yourself platforms available in the market today. These platforms generally cost 15 to $20 per month and require you to have some tech skills. So if you don’t have any tech skills or you’re really low on tech skills, I do not recommend this option.

Now the best DIY DIY platforms for travel agents are Squarespace or Wix and Weebly. And my favorite from this list is Squarespace. Squarespace has beautiful user-friendly templates, but you still need to have some tech skills. So if you’ve got some tech skills and you like DIY, go with a good DIY platform, these are the three best ones for travel agents. And my favorite is Squarespace.

Number two option is to hire a website designer and programmer to design and build you a custom website. Now a good custom WordPress website that is professionally designed and coded generally costs 2,500 to $5,000. Plus you’ll need to pay for ongoing updates to your site. So it’s a great option for a very professional website. If you don’t have time or you don’t have any tech skills, however, you do have to have a decent size budget. This is by far the most expensive option. So if you don’t have a good size budget, then I recommend not doing this option.

The third option is to choose a platform that offers semi-custom sites, and will build your site for you, but they give you full control over your site and allow you to make your own updates to it, when, and if you desire.

These types of platforms generally cost $300 to $900 upfront to build your site for you from on their platform, from one of their templates. So you don’t have to have any tech skills, they’ll do it for you. And then it’s $40 to $75 a month to maintain it.

So it’s significantly less expensive than going with a fully custom site option number two, but yet it is a beautiful template, highly customizable, and they still do all of the work for you. Plus it’s inexpensive to maintain it and they will do your updates for you if you’d like them to, but you have the option to do your own updates.

So for most travel agents, option number three is the best option because it’s time efficient, doesn’t require you to have tech skills and it’s far more cost-efficient compared to a custom website.

Now, if you’re interested in exploring option, number three, I highly recommend going with a company that we actually recently partnered with – and I’m going to talk about that in a minute – called Online Agency. They’re a small family owned business that does a great job and offers good customer service.

So, when you go with Online Agency, your website will be 100% mobile friendly, which means it will look great on all devices at all times. So if your clients are on a tablet or a smartphone or a desktop or laptop, doesn’t matter, your website will look great.

Your website will be virtually hack proof. It will be highly effective from a marketing standpoint. So it’ll actually get people to take the next step in booking with you.

It’ll be professionally designed, it’s time efficient because you just send them all your information. They do your website for you. And then either you can just do your updates yourself on the fly or send them in to them and they’ll do them for you. It doesn’t require you to have any tech skills and it’s cost effective.

So to make it even easier for you, we partnered with Online Agency to create a template that follows the proven marketing strategy that we teach. So if you want your website to actually be effective, you want to go with Online Agency and have them use the template that we help them design that follows our proven marketing strategy.

When you purchase your website from online agency, you’ll simply submit your information to them. Then they design and build you your website. Then they will give you your login credentials so that you can update your website yourself. Or if you prefer, you can simply submit your updates to them and they will do it for you.

Plus if you desire, they will install a content widget that is set up to your specific parameters and feeds your website with updated content, such as sample itineraries, port, and destination information, activities, interests, and so on. So that’s a great option. This keeps your website fresh and relevant without you doing any work.

For more details and pricing, go to And we put a link right below this video for you.

When you get to that page at the bottom of the page, there’s an option for you to set up a private complimentary call with the co-owner of online agency, Jeanie Samson. She is a sweetheart and she is happy to meet with you over the phone to answer any questions you have. You can just schedule a call with her using her convenient online scheduler. Find a day and time that works for you and schedule a call. She’ll jump on the phone with you and answer any questions you have.

When you go to you’ll land on this page here that has the two options. This is the hosted website that we recommend pricing a second option. And then at the bottom of the page here, you can schedule a complimentary website strategy session with Jeanie from Online Agency. She is the co owner of that family owned business. Her and her husband owned the business together.

She loves travel agents. She loves helping travel agents succeed. She is a sweetheart. You can click this link to go to her online scheduler and then schedule a 30 minute phone call with her where she’ll answer all of your questions. And then if it’s a good fit for you and you want to proceed, you can certainly just order with her over the phone, or she’ll send you to a link where you can purchase.

If you want to explore the other two website options that I talked about in this video, then download the travel agent website guide located below this video or for what I believe is the best option for travel agents, go to and schedule your complimentary website strategy session with Jeanie, and she will get all of your questions answered.

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