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The Best Way to Grow An Effective Email List

We talk a LOT about how the key to a successful and fulfilling career as a travel agent is working with your ideal clients.

One of your marketing goals should be filling your email list with your ideal clients. You can then use your email newsletter to nurture your relationship with them and establish yourself as their go-to expert for planning their trips.

The best way to get your ideal clients to sign up for your email list is to great an Irresistible Free Offer (IFO for short) that is the exact sort of information they’re looking for!

Pro Tip: the key to know what sort of information your ideal client would find irresistible is to make sure you know THEM as well as you know your best friend! We can show you how to do this with our free Ideal Client Discovery Guide you can download here. Also, this is a great example of an effective IFO (see what we did there? 😉)

How to create and execute your IFO:

What An IFO Is
An IFO is something of value that you offer to people who visit your travel agent website in exchange for their email address. Your IFO may be a special report or a video with helpful information that your dream clients would value.

How An IFO Will Help You Get More Dream Clients
The purpose of getting the email addresses of prospective clients is so that you can follow up with them via your e-newsletter and promotional emails. This is a great way to nurture your leads so that when they are ready to book a trip, you are the first person they think of!

Why You Need An IFO
If you look at your Google Analytics you’ll see that people are coming to your website everyday (hopefully), and most of those people are not yet ready to book a free consultation with you. If you do not collect their email address and follow-up with them regularly, it is unlikely that they will ever become your clients. They will leave your site and most likely forget about you.

How To Create An IFO
First, decide on a topic – It helps to think of the most frequently asked questions that you get from your ideal clients. What do they all seem to want to know more about – Where to take the best wine tours? Where is the best place for a destination wedding and what do I need to consider when planning something that HUGE? Figure out the question(s), then provide the answer in a 2-4 page report, or in a video.

If you choose to create a report, format it in a beautiful, easy to read way – with lots of gorgeous images. Your IFO needs to be beautiful and informative!

Love & Success,

Galen, Heidi & Your Marketing Team



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