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{Part 2} 9 Habits That Will Supercharge Your Productivity

It is actually possible for you to do less and accomplish more.

Last week I shared with you 5 habits to supercharge your productivity, and this week I’m going to share with you 4 more.  These 4 habits will not only supercharge your productivity, they will also help you operate at peak performance, and enjoy your workday more.

In the comments below, tell me which ones you are going to try this week, and let me know if any of them surprise you.

#6 Batch Your Tasks

Have you ever noticed that when you are “in the zone” while working on a project, you are able to do high quality work, get a lot done, and enjoy yourself?  And, when you’re done, instead of feeling drained, you feel excited and accomplished. 

When you work in a perpetual state of shifting tasks and refocusing attention switching from one type of task or project to another and then to another – you wear yourself out quickly and nothing seems to get done. 

The secret to working in the zone more often is to batch your tasks and projects.

This is my all time FAVORITE productivity habit because it makes a huge impact in how much you get done in a week, things go more smoothly, and you’re left feeling energized instead of drained. 

Below is a list of things I recommend batching.

Your Mail  – open your mail once a week.

Your Email  – try 3 times a day (beginning, middle and end of workday).

Your Food – I shop for and prepare (multiple meals) two nights a week.

Client Calls – schedule them on specific days of the week during specific time blocks.

Research Time – schedule blocks of time in each week to do all of the trip planning and research for your clients.

Marketing Time – schedule blocks of time each week for marketing, client outreach and follow-up.

productivity habits

#7 Follow Your Brain

We can’t operate at peak performance all day, so follow your brain by working on things that are best suited for the performance state you are in at different times of the day. 

For example, when I’m feeling tired or foggy I do relatively mindless tasks like handling routine email, filing papers or scanning documents. 

Tackle your toughest projects when you are in your peak performance state, which for me is first thing in the morning.  For my hubby, it’s around 9pm.  He gets a second wind and enters into the zone around that time each day.

#8 Exercise

In addition to improving your health, it will boost your productivity, help you complete problem-solving tasks quickly and efficiently and enhance the quality of work you do.  No more excuses, it’s time to start a regular workout routine.

You don’t have to kill yourself with high-intensity workouts like Crossfit, unless you love that, of course.  Start with just 20 minutes of light exercise in the mornings before breakfast.  If every morning is too much of a commitment right now, then start with three days a week. 

You’ll feel better.  You’ll have more energy.  You’ll get more done.  You’ll probably sleep better.  And you’ll be healthier. 

#9 Call It Quits

When you hit a wall – you’re feeling tired and drained, call it quits by acknowledging to yourself everything you got done, giving gratitude for everything you got done (even if there are a million more pressing tasks on your to-do list), and then choose a rejuvenating activity. 

Then after your rejuvenating activity, go back to work with a productive spirit and a clear head.

Most of us have the bad habit of continuing to work past our tired point, simply because there is more work to do.  And to make matters worse, we will switch between taking a mini non-rejuvenating break (like Facebooking) and working on the project or tasks at hand.  It’s a complete waste of your precious time. 

Instead, call it quits.  Acknowledge what you’ve gotten done that day or that week, be grateful for it, and then do something rejuvenating without any guilt.   

In the comments below, tell me, which of these 4 productivity habits are you going to try this week?  Were any of them surprising to you?

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team


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