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To Become A Successful Travel Agent You Must Give This 1 Thing Up

It’s almost February, and if you’re like more than half of the U.S. population, you made at least one New Year’s resolution.

Maybe you’re still hanging on and keeping with your resolutions. Maybe you’ve let them go at this point, and you certainly wouldn’t be alone: statistics show that most people keep their resolutions for less than six months.

Maybe you’re part of the roughly 40% of Americans that just flatly refuses to make resolutions and claim that they’re a total waste of time. Especially if you’ve had high goals in the past that haven’t worked out, or if you’ve tried again and again to make changes but haven’t seen results, cynicism can be an appealing alternative.

Cynicism is tempting. I get it. We’ve all been there. It is, in so many ways, a safe place to hide out — if we adopt the posture that everything is dumb and not worth our time and it’s not going to work out, anyway, then we don’t ever have to take risks. We don’t have to fail or look stupid.

But I want to offer another perspective. Consider this:

In 2015, roughly 60% of Americans made resolutions. Based on population, that’s about 210 MILLION people.

Of those who made resolutions, only 8% kept them. That might not seem like much — but 8% of 210,000,000 is nearly 17 MILLION PEOPLE.


That’s 17 million people who got healthier, who saved or earned more money, who found real love or ditched relationships that weren’t life-giving, who quit smoking, who paid off crippling debt, who quit that soul-sucking job in favor of following a real passion, who lost weight, who traveled more, who learned a new skill, who grew their business into one they love.

And what is the ripple effect of that many people focusing and working on something that makes their lives and their world better?

Every tiny transformation calls us to be better partners, friends, parents, travel agents, leaders, and change-makers. We see that growth is possible on a small scale, and then maybe we set our sights on something even bigger next time.

We know that beyond just realizing goals, letting go of cynicism and adopting a positive outlook comes with myriad physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual benefits. 

People with an optimistic outlook tend to have less pain, suffer fewer diseases, and live longer. They’re more resilient when adversity arises and have better coping skills. They tend to be more open and connect more easily with others.

And, to be frank, they also get more done.

So, right now today, I encourage you to let go of cynicism and get back to working on your goals and realizing your dreams (if you got off track).  Be one of the 17 million people in America that will make this year, their BEST year yet. 

You can make whatever changes you want to this year, and chase whatever dreams you want to chase.  And we’re here to support you.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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