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The Most Important Thing You Must Do To Succeed in SEO – Part 2

Have you implemented the tips from Part 1 of How to Finally Win at SEO? If you haven’t yet, or you haven’t had a chance to read that one – go read it now and then come back here for part 2. It’s right here, I’ll wait. 🙂

That’s good stuff, isn’t it? Today I’m going to share just a couple more tips from Neil – these are brilliant, actionable steps that you should start taking RIGHT NOW, today, to grow your travel business. (Remember, if you’re an Academy Member, you can find the full interview and step-by-step guide in your Advanced Modules inside your Vault.) 

The first tip is to build your on-line authority as an expert in your field. You are probably not going to start seeing results right away, but you WILL see results eventually and they will be well worth your time! And, even though this isn’t a quick turn on investment, this work is super easy, and mostly a lot of fun.

Neil Patel

The couldn’t-be-easier strategy that Neil laid out goes like this:

  1. Make a list of 5 or 6 social websites, related to your niche, where your potential clients are hanging out. You are looking for sites where your potential clients are asking questions and looking for YOUR expert opinion. (This could be Facebook groups, travel forums, etc.)
  2. Bookmark these sites on your computer.
  3. Set up profiles that include as much information about you and your business as allowed. Make sure it’s easy for people to find you when they want to work with you. (Make sure you always include a link to your website).
  4. Every day spend 10 minutes responding to questions on these sites. Pro tip: Plug this into your calendar, or add it to your Travel Agent Success Planner Daily Action Plan to ensure you get it done.

That’s it. 10 minutes a day, sharing your expert advice with the internet. Remember, you aren’t going to see quick results from this, don’t be discouraged, your ARE going to build up tons of links and traffic to your site, and establish a great on-line reputation for yourself as an expert in your field. Start making this investment in your future, and the future of your business, today.

Finally, when I asked Neil to tell me the one, most important thing Travel Agents need to succeed in SEO, and in their business (and life) in general, he said it’s the right mindset.

Without the right mindset, none of these tips and tools and strategies will do you any good. Neil specifically mentioned that you need to get in the mindset of setting goals and working every day to accomplish those goals.

As you work every day ask yourself – is what I’m doing right now getting me to where I want to be based on the goals I set for myself? Is this the best use of my time? If it is, keep doing it. If not, stop and do something else that IS going to get you closer to your goals. Even if you only do that thing for 10 minutes, you are still moving 10 minutes closer to your goal every day.

Then, at the end of each month, set aside a few minutes to analyze your past month and make sure that you have done at least one thing that will make your business better in the upcoming month.

Using these simple self reflection tools on a regular basis ensures that you are always moving closer and closer toward your goals. 

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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