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The Secret Ingredient to Success According to Harvard

Ho, ho, ho!  Christmas is almost here. My weekends have been jam packed with holiday planning, shopping and parties… how about you?  Are you in full on holiday mode? 

We don’t have kids yet and I’m wondering how on earth people with kids get it all done! 

In addition to all of the holiday festivities, most of us are contemplating our vision for the New Year ahead – our hopes, dreams, and goals.  If you want more success in 2017 then you had this year (however you define success for yourself), then you’ll find today’s blog post interesting and helpful.

The NY Times published an article called The Secret Ingredient for Success, which reports on the research of Harvard Business School theorist, Chris Argyris.

According to the article, “Successful people…subjected themselves to merciless self-examination that prompted reinvention of their goals and the methods by which they endeavored to achieve them.”

Let’s look at that one more time….

Merciless self-examination.  And then reinvention of goals and methods, or what I call “Course Correcting”. 

You must summon the courage to take action, otherwise your mercilessness is all for naught.

successful habits
I invite you to examine your life and your business.  Set aside some time this week to sit down with your Travel Agent Success Planner and answer these questions for yourself: 

What is my dreamy year-end vision?  For my life?  For my business?

How do I want my day-to-day life to look? How does that look compared to how it looks now?

Then, after you ask the BIG questions, ask the nitty-gritty questions that are pertinent to your business:

Which types of bookings am I (or we) stellar at delivering?

Which clients are the most FUN to work with?

Which clients drain our energy and suck our time?

Which bookings are the most profitable and most fun to deliver?

Which bookings am I (or we) not-so-great at delivering well or in a timely manner?  Why not?  What’s the bottleneck?

When it comes to your life, ask the same questions. But instead of examining your thoughts and feelings about “clients” examine your thoughts and feelings about “people,” “friends,” and “acquaintances.”

Instead of examining your “offerings,” examine your “past-times,” “hobbies,” and (if you’re brave) “spiritual practices.”

In my business and in my life, I’ve done a decent amount of course-correcting in the last couple years.

The process of merciless self-examination followed by a course correction has often been quite a chore.  But the result has always been well worth it.  It may just be the secret ingredient to your success.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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