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How To Post To Your Business Facebook Page From Your Phone

Lately a lot of you have been asking – how do I post to my Facebook BUSINESS page from my phone? 

To answer this question for you, I had my team create a nice little visual guide that shows you how to post to your Facebook business page with your phone.  You can download it now here

facebook for business

I absolutely LOVE answering your marketing and tech questions, so would you do me a favor and take 2 minutes right now to leave a comment below with your marketing and/or tech questions, or your time management questions (I also LOVE talking about time management!).

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Thank you!

Love & Success,

Your Marketing Team


P.S.  In order to bring in a steady flow of ideal clients you need to set up 3-5 good lead sources. Social Media is just one of many types of lead sources you could choose.  

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