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A Great Way For Travel Agents to Keep Track of Usernames and Passwords

In order for you to reach your goals, you need to be highly productive, and in order for you to be highly productive you must set up systems and processes that support you. One key system that you absolutely need in your business and life is a secure user-friendly system for keeping track of all of your usernames and passwords.

You shouldn’t be spending your precious time searching your brain for a password, or looking through sticky notes to find where you wrote it down, or worse yet – using the same password for everything, which makes you very vulnerable.

I made you a short video that shows you an elegant solution for keeping track of all of your usernames and passwords.  It’s safe, secure, super easy to use, and works on all of your devices (smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop, etc.).

If you prefer to read, the transcript is below the video.


1Password – Transcript

Doesn’t it seem like we need a log-in and password for pretty much everything we do these days? I’m going to show you a tool that I use and love in both my personal life and business to keep all of my password organized, easily accessible and secure.

The tool that I use is called 1Password and I’m going to take you inside my 1Password to show you how it works and why I love it so much.

When you get 1Password, you can install it on all of your different devices (tablets, smartphone, desktop and all of your computers). You can use it for all the different members of your family and give them each specific levels of access and they also have a 1Password for teams which you can use in your business and give each of your employees specific levels of access.

Here’s how that works:

When you set-up 1Password, you can set-up different vaults.

I have a personal vault that just my husband and I have access to which has all of our personal information from credit cards, to mortgage and insurance and all of the different personal log-ins that we have for our life. Then, I’ve got 3 different vaults set-up for my company – CSM Talent – and these vaults, different employees have access to.

For example, the private vault, the only people who have access is my Accountant and my Director of Operations and it has all of the private information for the company’s stored in it.

We have a company shared vault that every employee has access to which is like all of the online tools that we use to get our job done, things like that. Then, we’ve got our clients and each project manager has access to the clients that they serve.

A really cool thing about this program is that you can take away somebody’s access at any time with a click of a button. Also, you can change all of the passwords really easily. Fortunately, in my company, we have very little turn over.  Most of my employees have been with me for years but if somebody leaves for any reason at all we can then change the passwords of anything and everything that they had access to and then we just take away their access to that vault so that they also can’t access any of the new passwords that have been reset. It makes it really easy to manage your business. 

Another cool feature is that when you go in and you update a password, it’s going to automatically update instantly on every single device and for every single person on all of their devices who has access to that specific log-in or that specific vault.

For example, I have a sample log-in that I created. Let’s say that I change the password on this today and I have 6 people that have access to this log-in then on all 6 of those people within their 1Password, when they log-in, it will automatically be changed. So the next time they go to log-in to that particular tool or account they’re going to get right in and they’re not going to run-in to any problems or have to have been notified the password was updated. It just happens automatically.

Another cool thing is that you can drag documents in here.

For example, recently we have a new company that is for homeowners and car insurance and all of that and they send out new paperwork.

I just scanned in that paperwork and I dragged it in so I’ve got a secure log-in tab set-up for insurance with the log-in details for insurance company and then all of their insurance paper work is just right there. So if my husband and I need to look at it or review any insurance paper, it’s just right there, right alongside our correct and current log-in credentials and you can put in notes as well. I actually put all of our policy numbers.  If I have any communication with, I note who I talked to on what day and what was said so that if there’s any confusion or if anything gets lost or missed which I find it happens when it comes to insurance then I can go back and say, “I talk to Sussie on x, y day and this is what she said and this is what the agreement was and all of those notes.

Then, if my husband were to get a call same thing, he can just pull it up and he’s going to record of anybody each of us has ever talked to, what was said, all of our current policy information, documents, everything all right there and organize. And this is on our phone, our iPads, our computers, our laptops; it’s everywhere so we can just log-in using 1Password which is what happens. You just give that one master password that you’ve entered on any of your devices and then when you get in you’ve got access to all of your passwords and log-in information and details within all of your vaults.

I absolutely love 1Password. I used it probably about 16 different times every day. Now, there are other tools out there that works similar such as Lastpass and Roboform and you could certainly check those out.

1Password is just the one that I like the most. I’ve used it for years. I’ve been incredibly happy with it so I wanted to tell you about it today. If you don’t yet have a great system for keeping track of your passwords, you can check this out and maybe this can be your new system.

One more thing I’ve got to show you that is so cool about this is that it will generate super secure passwords for you so you don’t have to actually think of a password. You just click the little button that’s says, “Generate Password” and there it generates an ultra-secure password for you and if you want to generate a new one, you can generate a new one at any time.

Another great thing is the search field.

It has a really fantastic search field so you can quickly and easily find any password or log-in credentials that you’re looking for at any time. You can actually upload all of the details on each of your credit cards. It has like notes and things that you can take in like your driver’s license.

I keep track of everything that is on my wallet and is on my husband’s wallet so if we ever lose our wallets or they get stolen, we easily can just look up everything that’s in our wallet and then contact those credit card companies and get everything sorted. That makes it really handy as well.

1Password I love it, check it out if you need a password system.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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