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Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Your Host Agency Website


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One common question we get asked by Travel Agents is: “Should I use the website my host agency provides me?”  My answers might surprise you – watch the video to find out! Even if you don’t have a host agency, I share some valuable information about Travel Agent websites here, it’s worth watching. Or, just watch it to see my wedding henna temporary tattoos, they are beautiful!

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Should You Use Your Host Agency Website? – Transcript

I’m going share with you why you absolutely need your own branded website as a Travel Agent even if you have a great host agency website.

Whether you’re a travel agent that works for someone else or you work independently for yourself, whether you have a bricks and mortar location or you work from home, you need to have your own branded website and this can supplement your host agency site if you have one.

The reason that it is critical that you have your own branded website is Three-Fold:

1. If you ever choose to leave your host agency which may happen as you grow and evolve your business, you may find that a different host agency is a better fit for you, you need to have your own website, your own branded website and being in control of your destiny. Whether you work for somebody now and then you decide later not to or maybe you’re working independently now and later you go under someone else’s umbrella, you need to be in control of your own destiny.

2. Have a brand that you have built under your name, under your identity, you’ve built your client so no matter what capacity you’re currently working in and what capacity you’re working in the future, you are in control of your destiny. You have your clients, you have your brand, you have your following and you have an income stream and then you can move and groove in whatever capacity that is going to best serve you at that particular time in your life.


Also, when you have your own branded website, you’ve built your client base; you actually have a saleable asset. This is something that a lot of travel agents don’t realize. They think their business isn’t saleable but should you chose to retire or change careers you actually have a saleable asset by having a branded website, an email list, a client base, a following that is an asset that is worth something and I won’t get in into details about that in this video but that is another benefit by having your own branded website.

3. You have full control over and can make sure that your website is effective from a marketing standpoint. I have yet to see a host agency website that is an effective marketing website that’s actually designed to attract dream clients and convert them into paying clients. Your website needs to have some key elements on it in order to do that and host agency sites tend to not have key elements and to not be very customizable.

We have a fantastic website package available exclusively for travel agents that are affordable and highly effective from a marketing standpoint. It’s built in a template, therefore, we have a fast turn-around time and that’s what helps to make it affordable. However, it is 100% customizable so the sky is the limit as far as how gorgeous and unique you make your website. Your website can grow and evolve with you as you and your business grows and evolves. So we’re going design the website that works for you for years to come no matter where this industry takes you and what capacity you’re working in the future, how big you get or how small you want to keep your business and how you may evolve your niche and your ideal client avatar, your website can grow with you because it is 100% customizable.

Also, the type of website that you can go in and can easily make changes to yourself and we even set you up with easy to follow tutorial videos that show you how to do that.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

**UPDATED 5.12.17


We’re currently sold out of website packages and are running a waiting list for this website package. If you’d like to get on the waiting list, please email our Help Desk at: [email protected]

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