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Increase Your Travel Agency Income With These Daily, Weekly & Monthly Actions Steps

On Sunday we fired up the grill for the first time this year for a little Father’s Day cookout.  This is a pic of my love, Farukh, grilling up perfect burgers!  Along with some perfectly done sweet corn, which his mom marinates with lime and chili – so amazingly delicious!

summer grilling 6.23.16

This gorgeous summer weather means we are approaching the halfway point of 2016 – yes, already! Are you halfway to reaching your income goal for this year?

If not (or even if you are), this weeks Travel Expert Marketing Minute is going to help you increase your travel agency income. 

You’ve probably heard the old adage…

“What gets measured gets improved.”

This is especially true when it comes to tracking your travel agency stats.  If the idea of tracking your stats makes you want to run for cover, OR take a nap – hold up and hear me out.

When your tracking is systematized, it’s actually quite easy to do, less scary than you may think, and… it’s going to help you increase your income, which is always FUN!!

increase travel agency income 6.23.16

Below is a list of a few simple daily, weekly and monthly actions that are a MUST for moving your business forward.  Your business will run more smoothly, you’ll have a much easier time making important business decisions, and you’ll be more likely to hit your income goals. 



1. Review your monthly income goal (yes, you need a monthly income goal!)

2. Client Leads Spreadsheet (who you need to follow-up with to get a new booking)

3. Forward all email receipts to your bookkeeper (business purchase receipts)

4. Scan all paper receipts into an app (I use one called Expensify and I love it).  Another way to do this is to keep a pre-addressed manila envelope on your desk, throughout the month put all of your paper receipts into the envelope, and at the end of month mail the envelope to your bookkeeper.



1.  Update your “Stats Spreadsheet” that shows…

  • your free consultations (how many prospective clients did you meet with, how did the prospect find you, and what the result of each appointment)
  • your client bookings (commissions you will be earning)
  • your commission checks that came in
  • your planning fees collected
  • your new email subscribers, unsubscribes and total current subscribers
  • your social media followers

2.  Review your website stats in Google Analytics.



1. Have your bookkeeper create a P&L for you to review (P&L = Profit & Loss Statement)

2. Review your income and expenses

3. Set an income goal for next month


When you’re numbers are not good, it can be a little depressing, and our natural reaction is to stick our heads in the sand.  I promise you that keeping your head OUT of the sand and paying attention to your numbers will help you earn more money FASTER in your business. 

This week set up a simple Google Sheet or Excel Doc to track your stats on, and another one that you can track your clients leads on. 

To help you keep those DREAM clients rolling in, I created a guide for you that outlines the 14 best ways to get new dream clients.  To get a copy of it, enter your email below.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

P.S.  In the Travel Expert Marketing Academy, we have an entire training module on measuring and tracking your success, and another training module on Google Analytics.  AND, we have a new bonus module being released later this summer systematizing your life and business for maximum efficiency.  If you’re in the Academy, be sure to check out that new bonus module when it gets released.  If you’re not yet in the Academy, come join us!  Get all of the details here.

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