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How To Promote Your Travel Agency Online

How to Promote Your Travel Agency – Transcript

If you are a premier Travel Agent and you book groups of people and/or people who are spending at least $8,000 on their trip, and you’re serious about your business, then you are invited to be part of our premier travel agent directory at

This directory is being marketed to educated, successful people via the media, search engines and also on popular websites and blogs that well-educated, high income earners are reading and visiting.

We’ve built-up an email list of over 10,000 travelers and we send out a newsletter to them every week promoting this directory and all of the agents that are in it. So in addition to being on the search engines, being in the media, being on major websites and blogs, we also have an email list that is continually growing and nurturing, driving traffic to this directory. And through that newsletter and also through the SEO that we’re doing and the press releases that we’re sending out, we’re educating people on the value of using a travel agent and how it’s going to help their experience be dramatically better. They’re going to save a ton of time and energy and really showing them what they can get out of leveraging a travel agent and how it is the smart thing to do when you’re booking either group travel or you’re spending upwards of $8,000 on a trip, you really need to be using a travel agent.

So, we’re educating them on that and then driving them over to our directory to use the search tools so that they can find the travel agent that is perfect for them. Somebody that specializes in whatever type of trip it is they want to take or that they are on the process of planning. And so if you’re a premier travel agent, we’d love to have you posted in our directory so that these ideal prospective clients can find you and use your services.

So to get listed, come on over to, click for the details about getting listed, go ahead and purchase your listing. As soon as you purchase your listing, we’re going to email you log-in credentials to our MTE Vault. It’s the Marketing For Travel Expert Vault and inside that vault, the icon called “Directory Listing” will be lit-up in color and you’re going to click on that. It’s lit-up in color because it means that you’ve purchased it. So you’re going to click on that and there’s a quick, easy, 3 steps for you to follow where you submit your information so that we can custom design you a listing to go inside the directory.

Your listing is going to include your photo, your logo if you have one, a description of the type of travel agent that you are, the type of clients you work with and the type of trips that you book. It will link over to your website and it’s going to include keywords so that your ideal dream clients can easily find you when they type keywords into the search tool inside the directory. So they’ll type in, if they’re looking for say, “a golfing trip or river cruise or whatever it is,” and then if that keyword is in your listing, you’re going to come up in the directory.

If you don’t yet have a website live but you’re working on getting one, you could temporary link to your LinkedIn Profile or your Facebook Business Page until your website is live and then go ahead and contact us when your website is live and we’ll just switch the link in your directory listing to go to your new website. It is preferable that you have a live website that we certainly can temporarily link to another place while your website is being built. So come on over to, get listed right now, purchase your listing and then once you purchase your listing you’ll get log-in credentials to the vault where you can complete the quick, simple 3 step process, we’ll custom design you a listing, get you listed in the directory so that you can be more easily be found by dream clients.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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