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How to Handle Travel Client Objections



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So when you’re meeting with a prospective client, when they start throwing objections at you, do you get a little sweaty palms, a little uneasy, you’re not sure how to handle the objections or even just don’t know what the right answer is to the questions that they’re giving you. Because usually an objection is really just you haven’t given them all the information or they haven’t asked the right questions or they don’t have all the information that they need to make a decision. Or worse yet they don’t actually even give you the objection they just ghost you. Yeah, yeah, no, nobody likes that.

So big tip for all of you out there: An objection is a question that you haven’t asked yet, if you ask the right question in the beginning and they’re not always going to want to give it to you, right? So if I’m talking to them about budget they’re not always going to want to give me specifics on budget, they might change all that kind of stuff but I guarantee you that when you’re in your initial conversation with them, they’re going to be a lot more open than when you’re in that conversation after they’ve told you no or after they haven’t talked to you. So make sure you’re asking the right questions in the very beginning when you’re first talking to them, get all the answers you need so the objections A) don’t come up, B) when they do come up you’ve already handled it because you already know the answers and you already asked it to them when they’re feeling less defensive because you haven’t start talking about money yet.

So by preparing, what you’re doing is you’re increasing the amount of prospective clients that actually book with you and follow through and are great clients to work with. Yes. So we want to give you the exact questions that you need to ask and we even want to go over with you what the most common objections are and how to handle all those objections with grace and ease for free in our upcoming Sales and Confidence Challenge. So we’ve got an upcoming free five-day challenge for all travel professionals that shows you how to boost your confidence and get more bookings.

Boost your confidence, get more bookings. So click the link below, get all the details to join us in this upcoming free challenge where we actually help you prepare for success. We literally have all of the things–we know the top top questions that agents get asked, we have scripts for how to handle it, we have exercises to help you get at what your actual questions need to be to handle your specific objections, we have live coaching support with help with all that kind of stuff, we have exercises to make you feel better, be less afraid, all the things. All the things. You’re absolutely gonna love it. So click the link below, register, and we’ll see you inside our live free challenge! Come join us!

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