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How To Create An Editorial Calendar In 3 Easy Steps!

I used to dread sending out my weekly e-Newsletters. I would sit in front of my BLANK computer screen every week the day before my newsletters were supposed to go out and my mind would become just as blank. I would be bursting with ideas as I moved about my day but when it came time to start writing I would suffer from major writer’s block.

One day I finally decided enough was enough and made it my mission to eliminate writer’s block once and for all!  I developed a simple, three-step plan for filling up my editorial calendar and crushing writer’s block and today I’m going to share it with you.

client retention

Step #1 – Survey your audience and ask them what their biggest concerns / challenges / frustrations / questions are when planning their travel.

Step #2 – Look at the results of your survey for those issues / questions that come up for multiple people.

Step #3 – Write short, simple titles for articles that address the concerns / challenges / frustrations / questions of your clients and plug those titles into your editorial calendar. When it comes time to write your e-Newsletter all you have to do is check your calendar and write an article based on the title (topic) that your clients told you they want to hear about.

Bonus Step #4 – Continue to pay close attention to your customers on social media and in your communications with them.  Keep a list of common questions and concerns that come up and work those into your editorial calendar as needed.

Doing a survey like this and paying close attention to what your clients say will give you tons of great content that is sure to be helpful to your audience, because it’s exactly what they asked for! You set yourself up as an expert in your field who freely shares your knowledge, and your clients will begin to know, like and trust you and will remember you when it’s time to book their travel.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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