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Good morning,

A couple of weeks ago I swept my hubby off to Providence, Rhode Island for a romantic weekend (it was his anniversary gift). We stayed at the Renaissance Providence Hotel, which is located right next to the State House.

It’s a gorgeous hotel in a perfect location with pleasant and helpful staff. When they found out we were celebrating our anniversary, they sent complimentary champagne, strawberries and cheesecake to our room!

And the cheesecake was oh-so-good… worth the cheat. ?

On our way home we drove to Newport and had lunch Oceanside at the Castle Inn.

If you want to see more pics from our trip, come follow me on Instagram.

Occasionally Farukh (my hubby) and I get made fun of for being adventurous romantic saps… going on multiple honeymoons during our first year of marriage, seeking out exotic foods, and trying all the latest health trends. While we were in RI we visited a “sauna spa” where you spend a day experiencing 5 different types of saunas including one that’s filled with 10K pounds of Himalayan Sea Salt, and taking cold showers and eucalyptus steams in between each sauna. For the record – it was FANTASTIC!! We left feeling like we’re going to live to 150.

We live by the motto work hard play hard because we’re committed to living extraordinary lives.

And speaking of extraordinary lives, my team and I are committed to helping you create an extraordinary life for yourself. Right now, do your goals feel tight and focused? Or are they feeling shaky or overly complicated?

We humans tend to complicate things which inhibits us from achieving the level of success we desire (unless we overwork ourselves which is an easy trap to fall into – I know this from personal experience!).

A mentor of mine, Susan Hyatt dishes out some pretty spot-on advice when it comes to achieving goals…

“Do less… and do it better. Do less… and ultimately, you’ll end up earning and achieving MORE. Simplicity is where it’s at.”

I’ve got three good examples of things you could do LESS, but do them better, and as a result, make a lot more money.

1. Social Media. You don’t need to be on every social media platform, in fact, most of them are a waste of time for travel agents. Choose the top one or two platforms where your ideal clients are, and skip the rest. Right now Facebook and Instagram are the two platforms that travel agents generally get the best results from.

2. Lead Sources. You only need 3-5 good solid lead sources in your travel business to attract a steady flow of new IDEAL clients and book more travel. You don’t need to run around like a chicken with your head cut off trying 15 different strategies for getting clients. Set up 3-5 good lead sources, automate them as much as possible, then track your results and tweak as needed.

Simple, elegant, and effective (and no overworking required!).

In the Travel Expert Marketing Academy we do a deep dive into Lead Sources – we help you select your lead sources and show you how to get them set up and working for you. If you’re not yet in the Academy, I invite you to register for a FREE preview to the Academy held online via webinar (I’ll be talking more about Lead Sources on the webinar). Get the details and register here.

3. Writing eNewsletters. Now, don’t misunderstand me, you absolutely should be sending out regular, high-quality eNewsletters, what you don’t need to do is write them all yourself. Unless you really love to write, and you are really good at it, this is one thing as a travel agent you can and should be doing less of.

There are several ways you can do less of your own writing and there are several ways to simplify the newsletter process to save yourself time AND increase the results you’re getting from your eNewsletters.

To recap, today’s lesson is…

“Do less… and do it better. Do less… and ultimately, you’ll end up earning and achieving MORE. Simplicity is where it’s at.” – Susan Hyatt

And I gave you three different ways to do less and do better. Let’s put an end to overworking and create the travel business and life you desire.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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