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How Spring Cleaning Invites Greater Abundance

Pretty much everyone is aware of the obvious benefits of spring cleaning – less clutter, fewer dust bunnies… your freshly cleaned space puts a little spring in your step, you feel more energized, less overwhelmed and you enjoy that wonderful sense of accomplishment.

But did you know that spring cleaning can actually invite more abundance into your life?

Spring cleaning is about so much more than just cleaning out your closets and dusting the knick-knacks, it’s a powerful tool that will free up energy and space in your life for more good things to flow to you!

And spring cleaning isn’t just about our homes or offices! Today we have a few ideas for you to get thinking about spring cleaning in a more holistic way – about your mind, body, as well as your home and office.

You could take a week to dedicate to each one of these areas or just choose one area where you feel you need to most decluttering and focus on that.

Whatever you decide to do, whatever positive actions you take, it will all move you further along on your journey to more abundance. 🌱

Clean Mind

Re-energize and refocus your mind.

Spend a few minutes sitting quietly with your journal and asking yourself WHY you want to create a thriving travel business. What are your goals and intentions for rest of 2023? How do you want to feel this summer, this fall, at the end of this year?

Write down anything that you want to let go of, whether it’s fear or negative self-talk. If it isn’t serving you or your goals, let’s let it go and replace it with something positive.

Clean Body

Health = Energy = Success

Create one new habit this week to support having a clean healthy body. Your body is your home for your entire lifetime. The better care you take of it, the better it can support you.

If you need some inspiration, here are five healthy habits you could incorporate:

–  Start your day with a glass of fresh lemon water (warm or room temperature).

–  Drink a glass of freshly juiced fruits or vegetables every morning.

–  Eliminate all the sugar and junk food in your house.

–  Do some exercise everyday, even if it’s just stretching or some light yoga on the bedroom floor.  There’s a million online workouts and loads of workout apps, many of them totally free!

–  Get out in the sun for at least 10 minutes everyday.  Natural vitamin D from the sun has been proven to boost immunity and your mood.

Clean Office

Schedule some time this week to clean, declutter and organize your work space – wherever that happens to be.

This space is probably where you spend a majority of your waking hours – so make it efficient and beautiful to best support the way you work.

Clean Home

This week choose one additional area in your house to declutter and give a good spring clean.

Walk around the house and spend some time in each room/area, look around and then close your eyes, take a deep breath and tap into the energy of that space.

Does it feel stagnant? Is it cluttered? Are there things no longer serving you in that space? What do you need to let go of or just move to a new spot?

It’s important for energy to be able to move freely throughout your space. This will free up your own creative energy to create the business and live that you’re dreaming of!

P.S.  Paper clutter is a HUGE problem for many travel agents! Some days it feels like it’s taking over our offices and we waste hours looking for things when we need them.

If you find yourself struggling under mountains of paper clutter – or just annoying little piles you’d like to get better organized – we have an excellent workshop in the Academy that will teach you how to use technology to create a peaceful paperless office.

Academy members can access the workshop in your MTE Vault here.

If you aren’t in the Academy yet, we invite you to watch a replay of our Marketing Masterclass and Academy Preview – at the end there is a very special offer for you to join us in the Academy. When you’re ready to watch the Masterclass, click here.

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