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Give your travel business some extra LOVE today

Reports are showing us that 2019 is the best year in a long time to be in the travel business… especially if you can serve affluent travelers because there are more affluent luxury travelers RIGHT NOW than ever in history.  

The question you might be asking is… how do I tap into this growing market of affluent luxury travelers?

Great question!  The short answer is…

You need to embrace a new style of marketing that gets you in front of these affluent, luxury travelers, shows them how you can serve them (the value of hiring you), and then gives them a crystal clear pathway to working with you.

For details on exactly what that means and how to do it, I have 3 FREE resources for you

#1  – Watch the recording of the Facebook Live I did last week on the incredible opportunity there is right now for travel agents who embrace a new style of marketing – watch it now here.

We’ve gotten a crazy-good response from travel agents on this video… so much so that it’s starting to go viral in the travel agent world.  

#2 – Download the Travel Agent Marketing Blueprint that my team and I created for you.  This is a fill-in-the-blank visual guide that makes it easier to get an effective marketing plan in place.  

Inside the Travel Expert Marketing Academy we help you implement your Marketing Blueprint by giving you step-by-step instructions and coaching support so that you can start getting a consistent & abundant flow of new IDEAL clients.  

Which brings me to…. your third FREE Resource!

#3 – After you download your blueprint, register for one of our upcoming LIVE Marketing Masterclasses where I will be walking you through the blueprint in more detail and answering your questions.  

Then at the end of your free Marketing Masterclass, you’ll get a special invitation to join the premiere Travel Expert Marketing Academy.  

We’re live-streaming from beautiful Puerto Rico 6 times in February — we’re hosting the same class 6 times so you can choose the day & time that works best for you.

Grab Your Spot Now!!

Together let’s make 2019 the year you finally…

Love & Success,

Heidi DeCoux

P.S.  Imagine yourself at the end of this year, around Christmas time, sitting in gratitude that you actually hit your business goals this year.  How proud would you feel?  

Your Shortcut To Success:

1.  Watch the Facebook Live on tapping into the affluent luxury market – watch now.

2.  Download your Travel Agent Marketing Blueprint – download now.

3.  Register for one of our upcoming LIVE Marketing Masterclasses – register now.

4.  At the end of your LIVE Marketing Masterclass join the Travel Expert Marketing Academy so that you have the step-by-step instructions and coaching support you need to implement your game-changing marketing blueprint (you’ll get a special invitation to join at the end of class).

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