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Get More Done in Less Time – 5 More Tricks

Last week I shared with you 5 habits that make you more productive and successful.  Today, I have 5 more for you. Travel Agent Fun and Play

Let’s make THIS the spring and summer that you ROCK your business AND have plenty of time to play!


6.  Set specific and measurable goals and write them down.

When you are working towards a clearly defined goal or set of goals, and you look at those goals each and every day, your subconscious will naturally be thinking of ways to achieve your goals – even while you sleep.  You will be much more likely to achieve them, and you will naturally focus on the most important things that need to get done in order to accomplish the goal(s) you set. 

Every day there are a lot of things that COULD get done.  You need to focus on the things that will get you to your goal(s).  If you don’t have a specific clearly defined goal that you focus on, track and measure – I guarantee you are wasting time each day on things that don’t really need to get done and ignoring things that will make the biggest impact in your business. 

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7.  Follow a proven marketing system.

Far too often I see Travel Experts spending their valuable time doing a little of this and a little of that, and as a result only getting new clients sporadically.  Instead, consistently engage in activities that reliably get you ideal premium clients. In the Travel Experts Marketing Academy, we show you exactly what activities you should be engaged in and how to automate your marketing as much as possible.  You can get the details here.


8.  Take dance breaks throughout your day.

Your brain is most productive when there is ample oxygen and endorphins flowing to it, so get up and DANCE!!  Pull up YouTube on your computer, type in the name of a song or artist, and rock out to a music video for a few minutes.  Then get back to work.  You’ll be more productive, happy, make better decisions faster, and your body will feel better.  Below is one of my favorite dance break videos.  This little gal’s got some sweet dance moves!  Can you keep up with her?  🙂


9.  Systematize.

Do an audit of your business (and life!) to see what you can systematize to save yourself time.  What are some processes you do over and over again that you could systematize?  For example, do you have a system for each new client that you on-board?  Do you have a checklist that you follow, template emails and forms you use, and so on?  Over the course of the next few weeks, throughout the day ask yourself, is this something I could systematize to save myself time in the future? 


10. Be well rounded.

Being chained to your desk 24/7 is a sure-fire way to decrease your productivity!  Have you ever noticed that when you step away and do something else, you think of a solution or idea?  If you want to be successful and highly productive, it’s important to do something that isn’t tied to your work every day – and ideally do something creative and/or rejuvenating.  Paint, get a massage, take a walk, make a flower arrangement, have coffee with a friend, decorate your home, create a vision board, revise or update your goals, read, journal, take a fun class.  What is your favorite creative and/or rejuvenating activity?  Share with us in the comments below.

Which of these habits are your favorites?  Share with us in the comments below!

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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