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Free 5-Day Challenge for Travel Professionals

In this FREE challenge you will increase your confidence in yourself, get clients to respond back to you and commit to booking with you, and learn a proven system for attracting a sea of IDEAL clients.

By the end of this challenge you will feel more confident in yourself and in your professional skills as a travel agent, AND you’ll know how to get more bookings with the RIGHT clients! All it takes is 30 minutes a day.

This challenge is exclusively for travel professionals, travel experts and travel agents and brought to you by Marketing For Travel Agents. We’re your go-to resource for Travel Expert Marketing.

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We are going to talk about something that I think is very very important especially after the couple years that we had and that we’re still going through. I have some amazing amazing guests that you may have seen before. At least one you’ve seen before and the other one’s going to introduce himself and we and we are going to talk about some things that are going on next week that you absolutely want to be a part of. And with that I’m just going to get started and they’re going to introduce themselves and we’re going to just jump right in.

I’m Heidi DeCoux, founder of and this is my partner…Galen Wood, I have a background in sales, building clientele stuff like that and I partner with Heidi on and help the members to build their ideal clientele.

Awesome, awesome. The Travel Agent Podcast is a great place to get like tons of amazing resources that’s gonna help you build a thriving travel business. And, you know, there are still people who have been thriving in this climate and there’s been those of us who are still trying to get it together. And re-figure out what it is and really get some more confidence back in myself and in my business to be able to move forward and because of that we kind of just decided this is a great time to tell you guys about what they have going on. So what do you have going on?

So Galen and I poured a ton of love, blood, sweat, and tears in creating something brand new for y’all called the Sales & Confidence Challenge. So it is “Boost Your Confidence & Get More Clients”. So this is a free five day challenge that we’re hosting online to help you do just that, boost your confidence and get more clients, specifically ideal clients. So we are kicking off on Monday, March 14th. This is going to be a really easy and fun challenge to go through that’s actually going to get results and so we set up the challenge to be less than 30 minutes a day of your time. Actionable things, so that by the end of the week, you have more confidence and you’re on a pathway to getting more clients, specifically ideal clients. Not the bargain hunters and the tire kickers but the ideal clients that you want to be working with.

So we have a whole kind of internal Academy, right? A marketing Academy with hundreds of members that we help to help them specifically build like step by step templates like the whole nine yards, right? But what we see again and again when talking to either, you know, members who aren’t part of our Academy or like new agents or any of that kind of stuff, is that people get paralyzed by fear and they don’t take those next steps because they have a lack of confidence. They’re nervous, right? And then everything can kind of reinforce that, right, you have clients who ghost you.

“Oh well why should I even follow up anyway?” or, you know, “People aren’t responding to my emails as well as they should. Well they probably don’t want to talk to me anyway.” So it can snowball and especially after, I mean I don’t know if anybody’s noticed, but we’ve had a, what’s it called–dumpster fire. We’ve had a dumpster fire of the last couple of years and I’m not like, I’m not saying that it’s getting better because it is, but also like, come on, guys!

But the reality is that like we don’t have a choice. We have to function in this. And the other piece is that as a travel professional, like really and truly the more instability we see, the more people are going to need and want to have a travel professional, to have an agent to actually build them things. Because they don’t know, there’s so much instability, there’s so much uncertainty that people are going to need us more than ever. Because they just don’t know what the heck they’re supposed to be doing. You can’t keep track of all the different like travel restrictions and now things are like blowing up. I mean it’s just it’s crazy. And so like having an agent who actually can do the research and build you an itinerary, it’s worth its weight in gold. And may literally save your life. But to have that, we really wanted to kind of communicate or spread–spread is not good, in today’s day and time we don’t want to be saying. No, we’re not trying to create another pandemic. Pandemic of awesome information!

We are ideally helping to inspire, hoping to inspire people again to believe in themselves, believe in their skills, and take the action that get the massive results. And that’s really what the whole challenge is about. It’s like–all right, how do you tap into what is your unique skill set, what makes you amazing, and how do you get over yourself, to a certain extent, to take massive action to get massive results?

Yup, exactly. The silver lining of the last two years is that people are coming back and looking for travel agents in a way we have not seen in two decades. So there are loads of ideal clients who want to work with you, who want to hire you, and people are gearing up to spend more on travel than they’ve ever spent before. Bucket list travel is on a massive incline, luxury travels on a massive incline. People have decided that they don’t want to wait until someday–that someday is now and so they are booking these trips or trying to book these trips and they’re looking for professionals to book them with because they are spending a significant amount of their resources and they want to make sure that they’re on the right trip that’s planned properly and like Galen said, they know the ins and outs, they’re not going to get stuck somewhere, they know what the restrictions are, all of the things. And they want that handled for them right?

Unemployment numbers just came out effectively at 0, 3.8% which is effectively zero. If you want a job, you have a job right? Wages are going up. So like that whole thing has shifted and people are like “Ooh okay, I’ve got steady employment, I’ve got money in the bank”. Our savings rate is the highest it’s ever been because people weren’t out spending money and so they’re looking at their life and their priorities differently. And experiences, travel being the number one experience, is the thing that they want to put time and money into and they want to work with a professional to do that.

So they are looking for you. So if your phone is not ringing off the hook right now, it’s because you are not in front of the right people, with the right marketing message, and the right call to action. And that’s what we’re gonna help you do in this free five-day challenge.

I just want you to hear that one more time, because if your phone is not ringing, and listen, my phone ain’t ringing, it’s because–she’s right, it’s not the right message. I feel like a lot of us are still in that phase where we’re trying to just kind of find somebody, anybody, to hear us about what we’re trying to do and there’s a way to do it. And quite frankly once you figure that message out, you’re going to be so busy you’re not going to know what to do. And they want to help you and it would help me too!

Well that’s the idea, that’s the three part solution. We know the message, like we know the message. We know the things that you need to do.

That’s what the Academy is all built around.

How do you message yourself to get in front of your ideal clientele. And then also like the the challenge is really built around this idea of like, how do you feel good about yourself and what you’re doing. How do you believe in yourself to know that you’re doing somebody a service by being in front of them. So when you get in front of that client, do you have doubts about yourself? Or are you like I’m doing this person a favor?

Ideally not in an arrogant way where it’s like “Yeah you’re lucky I called you back. You’re welcome.” but more like in the you know like “I’m here to be of service . I have a great service. I’m so happy that I get to be of service to you. I’m sure you’re excited to hear from me, too. Let’s go and do this thing.” And then we also actually have tools on the back end of like when you get too busy. Because we had to do this for our members, so when our members get too busy, we have a bunch of tools that help them to automate, to deal with like, literally up leveling your clientele, up leveling your business. Because they can’t handle all the clientele. So ideally it’s all like, really any agent needs to be having all of those things in place because you need to have the right amount of clients, then you need to have more than enough clients, then you need to be able to sell those clients on things, and then you need to have the systems in place that allow you to manage all of those clients.

And then everybody’s life gets better, everybody’s life gets better. It’s an original song, uh just is this the world premiere right now. It’s called “Everybody’s life gets better”, um my five-year-old taught it to me.

So basically the overall point of us coming live today and telling you about this challenge is: A) It’s free. So I know that there are a lot of you who maybe took a break like myself and are just, you know, starting back up and you don’t necessarily have the funds today. So this is a great way to jump back in, get started, and really get some more confidence and figure out what it is you need to do to move your business to the next level. If that’s you know, just getting started, or pivoting or getting restarted, or you’ve been doing it and you’ve been working through this pandemic and you’re looking to to take it to even next level, this is for you. So if you’re in, get the details, get registered, go to

So just open up a new browser window, and go to and Lynn will put the link below when we’re done here but That’ll give you all the details about the challenge, get you registered. We have a private pop-up Facebook group dedicated specifically to this challenge. So it’s a pop-up group, meaning it pops up, it opens, it’s open right now, and then we close it at the end of the challenge. It’s a specific group we’re hosting the whole challenge there. Like I said it’s gonna take less than 30 minutes a day. We have an optional live kickoff party at 1 pm eastern today where we’re answering all your questions, giving you all the details. It will be recorded so if you miss it, you can watch the recording and then the actual challenge starts Monday, March 14th.

It’s less than 30 minutes a day, every day next week, we give you four catch up days so if you miss a day or you get behind, you got four days to catch up and then we are ending the challenge with a live free online marketing master class which is gonna be a two hour class. We’re gonna walk you through a proven marketing system for attracting a sea of ideal clients. We have thousands of travel agents using this system right now to get ideal clients to their travel business and Galen and I are going to walk you through that system so that you have it, you can put it to use in your travel business right away. We’re going to give you some great handouts to go along with it, we’re going to do a nice long Q&A. That’s why it’s two hours because we’re gonna do a nice long Q&A. That’s included in the challenge. So all the details, get registered at,

This will most likely be the best two and a half hours that you spend for your business in this quarter, and maybe the entire year. So definitely make sure that you go to It’s already in the link and seeing our lovely faces again soon because this is just really fun. It’s nice getting back in the swing right?

It feels good. Y’all, we’re not gonna take up your whole morning because, I mean, there’s not anything else that we can say. You’ve heard all the things. It makes sense.

You need it. They got it. That’s all! And it’s free!

So all your travel agent friends, it’s for all travel professionals, it’s geared for agents but actually all travel professionals are invited. We’ve opened it up to the entire industry, it’s totally free, so invite all of your travel agent friends and travel professional friends as well! So if you’ve got tour operators you work with, or any other travel professionals, they are invited. Let them know, send them the link! Awesome, awesome! Well thank you so so much for coming live with me and starting, you know, me getting back into the swing of things. I have been gone for a while and this was so much fun. And you’re offering something that’s really helpful and amazing. So you guys sign up the link’s already in the comment section and I hope to see you guys on Monday. You rock! Thank you, Lynn! See you soon! Bye!

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