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How To Get 55% More Traffic To Your Website

Do you blog? If you do, do you blog consistently? As a Travel Expert in today’s day and age, you should have a blog built into your website that you update regularly. We recommend at least once every other week, if not more often.

A study by the online marketing platform, Hubspot, showed that companies that blog, on average, get 55% more visitors to their websites. FIFTY-FIVE percent more potential clients reading your blog, getting to know, like and trust and eventually book travel with YOU!

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This is a short list of the benefits a blog can have for your business. As you are planning your editorial calendar, refer to this list and think of ways you can use your blog to boost your business in these ways. This list can also help you brainstorm topic ideas for your blog.

What consistent blogging can do for you:

Establish your credibility. Writing a blog helps to build your credibility as a Travel Expert who your clients can trust to advise them and take excellent care of them.

Develop and promote your brand and expertise. Your blog can help you identify yourself as an expert in your specific niche. This leads to more client confidence and potential media and industry attention to further expand your audience.

Celebrate Your Favorite Suppliers. Clients want to know that you are familiar with the destinations you are recommending to them, even better when you have actually been there. Highlighting destinations on your blog helps establish a good relationship with suppliers that can lead to even more benefits for you and your clients.

Increase Your Website Search Engine Ranking. The search engines LOVE websites that are regularly updated, AND the more your update and promote your blog, the more visitors you should get which also increases your search engine ranking.

Have we convinced you of the benefits of blogging yet? I hope so! We will be sharing more tips on creating content for your blogs in upcoming issues of your Travel Marketing Minute – so stay tuned.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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