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Free Workshop

Grow Your Email List From Zero to Thousands

Your email list is one of the most valuable assets in your travel business. If you have not yet started growing a list, or have a small list, or an unengaged list, this workshop is for you! You’ll learn a relatively simple process for getting a couple thousand new IDEAL prospective clients on your email list, and how to create more engagement with your subscribers.

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Free Workshop

Travel Agent Copywriting Class

In this workshop you’ll learn a relatively simple 3-step process for writing copy for your website, e-Newsletters and promotional campaigns that resonates with your IDEAL clients, and doesn’t just turn heads, it helps turn profits. Major profits.

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Free Discovery Guide

Discover the Perfect Niche & Ideal Client

Selling all types of travel to everyone is EXHAUSTING. And not very profitable. To have a lucrative travel business without overworking yourself you MUST define your niche and create a crystal clear ideal client avatar. This Discovery Guide will help you discover the perfect ones for you.

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Free Special Report

14 Ways To Get Ideal Clients

In this report we will outline for you the 14 best ways to get new IDEAL clients – not the tire kickers and bargain hunters! These 14 strategies help you get more IDEAL clients.

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