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Email Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents

I’ve got two easy email marketing tips for you that you can implement right now that will make a BIG difference in the results you get from the email newsletters and promotions you send out.

email tips for travel agents

1.1. Craft each email as if you are talking to ONE person.  This instantly makes your emails more personal.  Never use the terms “subscribers” or “all of you reading” or anything like that. Write as if you are speaking to ONE person.

2. Use your name as your name “from name”.  Don’t use your company name or anything other than your name.  This one simple strategy will increase your open rates.  Notice how this email that you’re reading is from “Heidi DeCoux” (that’s me!), and not from “Marketing For Travel Agents” or “Travel Team” or anything else.  It’s from me. 

The bottom line with both of these tips is that you want to behave more like a friend and less like a company or corporation.  People are much more likely to do business with people they know, like and trust than they are with logos and corporate sounding emails.

I want to hear from you! Do you use these two email marketing strategies? Tell me in the comments below.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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