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An Effective Business Strategy for Your Travel Agency

Fourth Quarter starts NEXT WEEK – are you ready?!

The last three months of the year always feel like the final push of the marathon to me – and I’m ready to make that final push and crush my goals for 2019 – how about you??

For today’s Travel Expert Insider I’m going to share with you TWO fantastic tools to help you finish 2019 strong and be able to look back at 2019 as the year you finally reached those goals you’ve had for so long – you know what they are – let’s get ’em!

The first tool is over on the blog – it’s a clear, effective marketing plan for travel agents and a free, downloadable marketing plan template.

The second tool you can find down in the P.S. after you watch the video….


Free Travel Agency
Marketing Plan

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Would you like an effective Travel Agency Marketing Plan? If yes, you’re in the right place. I’m going to walk you through a highly effective marketing plan for travel agencies and then below this video you can download a complimentary Travel Agency Marketing Plan Template.

Your travel agency marketing plan needs to include a sales & marketing funnel which is simply a pathway you lead your prospective clients down. This graphic illustrates a high-level overview of what your marketing funnel needs to look like in order for you to be consistently landing new IDEAL clients.

The 1st step in the pathway is to bring in new client leads through 3-5 Lead Sources. A Lead Source is exactly what it sounds like it is… a source that brings you client leads. In the Travel Agency Marketing Plan Template available below this video, I gave you some examples of Lead Sources.

The 2nd step is an email opt-in offer. This is an irresistible freebie that you advertise on your website. The Travel Agency Marketing Plan Template that I’m offering you is an example of a freebie. It’s something of value that I’m inviting you to download after you enter your name and email address.

The 3rd step in your funnel is an auto-responder sequence. For you as a travel agent, this should be 2-4 emails that automatically go out to each of your new email subscribers inviting them to book a short free consultation with you so that you can identify if they are an ideal client to work with and if they are, you can then convert them into a paying client.

The 4th step in your funnel is your eNewsletters. You should be sending out high quality eNewsletters at least every other week to your email subscribers. If newsletters seem overwhelming and time consuming to you, go to and register for our next FREE online training. In that training I’ll show you a super simple highly effective strategy for getting your newsletters done. This strategy will save you several a TON of time and get you dramatically better results with your newsletters.

The 5th step in your funnel is your free consultations. You need offer short complimentary consultations to prospective clients. The more consultations you book the more new clients you’ll have. All of your marketing efforts should be leading prospects to booking consultations with you. That is the destination that you’re leading all of your prospects to.

The 6th step in your funnel is to land new IDEAL paying clients! You land those clients at your complimentary over-the-phone consultations.

That is a broad strokes overview of a highly effective marketing plan for travel agents.

I invite you to download the Travel Agency Marketing Plan Template below this video, and then sign up for our next Email Marketing For Travel Agents online training.

If you’re in the Travel Expert Marketing Academy, inside the Academy we walk you through implementing these steps and automating as much your marketing and sales funnel as possible.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What are your primary lead sources in your travel agency? Please share in the comments below.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

P.S.  The second tool to help you crush 4th quarter of 2019 is our 90 Day Travel Agent Success Planner and I’m going to give you a special deal on it this week!

Get your 90 Day Success Planner today and let’s finish 2019 off strong!

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Free Travel Agency
Marketing Plan

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