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Done for You e-News Template

An effective e-Newsletter is going to…

  • Help You Get More Clients
  • Increase Referrals
  • Build Your Expert Status
  • Increase Your Income

And the first step in this process is having a beautiful, effective e-Newsletter template.

We will design for you a custom mobile-friendly e-Newsletter template based on the most current industry research about what is working in e-Newsletters. It will be beautiful, and more importantly, it will be effective.

All of the split tests are showing that the days of having a big fancy complicated e-Newsletter template that includes a sidebar and footer, are over for most industries, including the travel industry.

On average, 84% of your readers will be looking at your e-Newsletter on their mobile phone or tablet, and viewing a template with a sidebar is difficult, and even frustrating, on a mobile device.

Split-tests show that the e-Newsletter Templates with sidebars are 63% less likely to get read then e-Newsletter templates with a simple mobile friendly header.

These statistics are from the 2015 Digital Marketer Lab Split Test Report.


Below are samples of effective e-Newsletter templates we’ve designed.  Notice how each one includes…

  • A Nice Headshot of the Travel Agent(s)
  • Their Name(s)
  • Their Opening Mission Statement (elevator speech)
  • A Clear and Compelling Call-to-Action
  • A Button in Their “Action Color”
  • Their Logo
  • And it’s Branded to Match their Website

The split tests show that these are the elements that your e-Newsletter NEEDS in order to be effective.  If it’s time for a new e-Newsletter template, we would love to design one for you!


Example 1


Example 2


Example 3


Our e-Newsletter Design Service Includes:

  • Designing You a Beautiful and Effective e-Newsletter Template
  • One Set of Design Revisions

As soon as you purchase the service, you’ll get instant access to a simple form to fill out to order your new e-Newsletter template.  Once we have your information, we’ll get to work designing it for you!  We’ll send it to you to review within 2-7 days.  If you want changes made to it, we’ll make the changes and send it back to you to review.

** Please note that we no longer program these into your CRM for you. It’s a simple step that is very easy for you to do yourself.

It’s a quick simple process!  Get your new custom designed e-Newsletter template TODAY!

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