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Do You Really Know Your Ideal Client?

Do you know your Ideal Client at the emotional level?

Your ideal client demographics are important when identifying your ideal clients but it is not the most important. The days of establishing that your ideal client had to fit in a “box” are over. Travel is an emotional purchase and many people that don’t fit on a particular box place travel at the top of their priority list. They many not have the means to go on a luxury trip twice or even once a year, but they are saving for that very important bucket list trip. Do you know how travel ranks in your clients priority list?

After you answer these questions please use them to speak to your ideal client.

ideal clients

1-Why do they travel?

2-What do they value the most?

3-Why do they need your help in planning that trip?

4-How do they feel when it comes to planning this trip? Are they overwhelmed, tired, too busy, etc?

5-Can you satisfy their needs and calm their fears when it comes to planning that trip?

6-How do they feel about planning their trip after meeting you?

Use this emotional information across your branding and make sure it appeals to them at the emotional level. They will hire you every single time!

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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