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How to Create a Meaningful New Year

Last updated December 2023. 

Today I’m sharing with you a beautiful New Year Ritual for creating a meaningful new year. 

creating goals for 2017

Step One:  Celebrate Your Year

So often we skip over the most important part of goal setting, which is CELEBRATING!  You can’t craft an amazing year unless you first learn from the previous year, the good and the bad.

Give yourself the gift of 20 minutes of reflection. Light a candle. Pour yourself a glass of  your favorite beverage.  Then, in your 90-Day Travel Agent Success Planner (or any journal you use), answer the following questions:

What were the top three highlights of this past year?

In what ways did you grow this year?

What were some of the best decisions you made this year?

What were your low moments this year?

In what ways were you waiting on the right circumstances to get what you want?


Step Two:  Close Out Your Year

Sit in a comfortable meditative-type position, close your eyes, and take three deep cleansing breaths to calm your mind and get present in your body.  Then take 2-3 minutes to honor your year. 

Think about your growth and experiences this past year, and give gratitude for it.  Think about new people that came into your life, and send them love and appreciation.  If anyone left your life, send them love and a blessing.  When low points of the year come to mind, accept them, bless them, and thank them for the lessons that came from them. 

Lastly, repeat out loud “I bless, honor, and am complete with this past year.”


Step Three:  Craft a Meaningful New Year

This is the FUN part. Take a few minutes to answer the following questions about the New Year ahead. To get your excitement going you may find it helpful to do this with your accountability partner, spouse, or even a group of friends.

Ask yourself (or each other) the following questions and follow up each question with this question, “How can I infuse more meaning and intention into this area of my life?”

What are my core desired feelings for the New Year ahead? (For Academy Members, you can learn more about core desired feelings in Module 2 – setting Goals with Soul) 

What am I most excited about in the New Year ahead?

What’s my #1 goal for my relationship with myself?

What’s my #1 goal for my relationship with my romantic partner (maybe your goal is to get one, or to get rid of one, or to be solo in the New Year and focus on you)?

What’s my #1 goal for my travel business?

What’s my #1 goal for my health?

What’s my #1 goal for my spiritual life?


Step Four:  Identify the Obstacles

Every year there will be obstacles, fears, and self-doubt. AND you can still accomplish ALL of your goals.  You simply need to be aware of some of the obstacles and prepare for them.  To do this, ask yourself the following questions.

What could get in the way of me accomplishing my goals in the new year?

What has been a common thing that has tripped me up in the past?

What are some ways I can move through this obstacle?


Step Five:  Get It On The Calendar

When it comes to achieving your goals, generally speaking, there are two main reasons why they don’t come to fruition.

1. You try to add more stuff into your life without taking anything away.

2. You don’t make your new goal a priority by spending time on it.

Create an action plan for achieving your goal, then estimate the amount of time you need to complete the action plan, then schedule it.

For example, if you want to double or triple your travel business, or attract more ideal clients instead of bargain hunters, then your action plan might be to join the Travel Expert Marketing Academy and dedicate 3 hours a week to implementing the proven travel agent marketing plan that we teach you in the Academy (if you’re interested in a FREE marketing training and a preview to the Academy, click here).

If you want to lose 10 pounds, your action plan might be to workout 4 times a week.  It’s unlikely your workouts will happen if you don’t schedule them. 

In the comments below I want to know of any question you would add to these steps, and what YOUR #1 goal is for the new year.

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