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Boost Your Confidence & Get More Clients



Travel Professional!

We are here to invite you to a free five-day challenge that we are doing online to help you boost your confidence and get more clients.

So in this five day challenge, what are we doing, Galen?

That’s such a great question, I’m so glad you asked. The whole challenge is built around increasing your confidence and increasing your booking.

So first and foremost we’re working on helping you feel better about yourself, your skills and specifically your skills as a travel professional. We help you walk through your fears, set up a value proposition which is basically your unique selling points, what makes you good, and why people should work with you, then we help you prepare to handle objections and then close some bookings.

Oh, also then we actually host a free marketing masterclass to help you even get clients. So you get clients, we teach you what to do with clients, and then everybody wins.

That’s true, that’s exactly it. So it’s going to be five days and then like Galen said after the following week we’re gonna host live online marketing masterclass where we actually show you how to attract more ideal clients so during the challenge we’re gonna boost your confidence, help you handle objections when you’re meeting with prospects with grace and ease.

But then you need more prospects to work with, right? Not the tire kickers and the bargain hunters and the time wasters but ideal clients, and there’s a proven system that hundreds of travel professionals across the planet like you are using right now to attract more ideal clients and we are actually going to show you that system, we’re going to give you detailed handouts details so that you can implement it quickly and easily and grow a thriving travel business and it’s all free! FREE!

So click the link below, get the details, register to join us in our upcoming challenge to boost your confidence and get more clients, and get more bookings! We can’t help you with this but we have really a lot of fun–find a find a hype person, right? Find somebody who just sits next to you while you’re talking and it’s like “Yeah, yeah. I’m just saying!” See you on the inside! See you on the inside! Click the link below! Register!

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