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How to Avoid Giving Away Your Services for Free

One of the biggest struggles all travel agents have is with “clients” who call you up, spend lots of time picking your brain, and then disappear to book their own travel. And let’s just call that what it is – it’s theft. They have stolen your precious time. Chances are they didn’t do it maliciously Read more

9 Ways to Automate & Systematize Your Business and Life

** 2020 update: this training was recorded pre-COVID. As with any training or information presented now, feel free to ignore anything contradictory to your current situation and take what works for you.  Recently I hosted a very special training in our Private Members-Only Academy Facebook group. In this training I gave NINE simple, actionable ways Read more

8 Step Productivity Formula

I recently hosted a nearly 2 hour training in our private Travel Expert Marketing Academy Facebook group all about organization and productivity.  It was super in-depth and I answered a ton of great questions from our members. We got such good feedback that I decided to share an outline of my 8 Step Productivity Formula Read more

Should You Call Yourself a Travel Advisor?

I’ve got bad news for you.  If you call yourself a Travel Advisor, Travel Consultant, Travel Designer, etc….  Your ideal prospective clients aren’t looking for you.   They ARE looking for what you can do for them, but they aren’t looking for you.   They likely don’t even know you exist.   And you can’t Read more

Give your travel business some extra LOVE today

Reports are showing us that 2019 is the best year in a long time to be in the travel business… especially if you can serve affluent travelers because there are more affluent luxury travelers RIGHT NOW than ever in history.   The question you might be asking is… how do I tap into this growing market of affluent Read more

4 Simple Steps to Make 2019 Your BEST Year Yet

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions, or set big Goals for 2019? Studies show that only 10% of people actually accomplish the goals they set.  The good news is that YOU can be one of those 10% who succeed in 2019! It’s not even hard, really. You already have all the motivation you need Read more

Travel Expert Marketing Academy Reviews

Have you been thinking about joining the Travel Expert Marketing Academy? But… you’re wondering if it’s just another on-line program that is going to take your money and not really offer you anything new in return? Or, worse yet, is this Heidi person not even real? Is this all just too good to be true Read more

Joanna Scott * Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month * November 2018

I am so excited to introduce you to November’s Outstanding Agent of the Month Joanna Scott of Scott Travel. Joanna’s positive attitude and outlook are contagious!  😎 Just like most of our Outstanding Agents, Joanna attributes her success to her mindset, along with hard work, and investing in training and support – the kind you get in the Travel Expert Read more

Linda Hedges * Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month * October 2018

You might hear from the naysayers and negative nellies of the world that travel agents are a thing of the past. That it’s not a lucrative profession and you’ll never make any money…. ….and I’m hear to tell you that is a lie! Successful, professional Travel Agents are very much alive and well and prospering Read more

Scott and Heather Travis * Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month * September 2018

Do you know why I love doing these Outstanding Agent of the Month interviews so much? Because I love showing the world that Travel Agents still exist and that you are still thriving and that you can still help them plan amazing travel experiences that they could never plan on their own! And I love Read more