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3 Seconds To Increase Your Bookings By 50%

Galen is going to show you how one of the travel agents in our Travel Expert Marketing Academy increased her bookings by 50% in just 3 seconds. You’ll learn what to say, when to say it, and – maybe most importantly – what NOT to say. Click below to watch the video or read the transcript Read More

How To Get Ideal Travel Clients

Imagine working with so many ideal clients that you have to start turning new clients away?? It’s not a pipe dream, it’s a reality for many of our Travel Expert Marketing Academy members. These travel agents are actually turning down clients because they already have more than enough, and that’s not all – they’ve figured Read More

Get More Clients to Your Travel Business

   Free 5-Day Challenge for Travel Professionals In this FREE challenge you will increase your confidence in yourself, get clients to respond back to you and commit to booking with you, and learn a proven system for attracting a sea of IDEAL clients. By the end of this challenge you will feel more confident Read More

Boost Your Confidence & Get More Clients

   VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Travel Professional! We are here to invite you to a free five-day challenge that we are doing online to help you boost your confidence and get more clients. So in this five day challenge, what are we doing, Galen? That’s such a great question, I’m so glad you asked. The whole Read More

How to Handle Travel Client Objections

  VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Travel Professional! So when you’re meeting with a prospective client, when they start throwing objections at you, do you get a little sweaty palms, a little uneasy, you’re not sure how to handle the objections or even just don’t know what the right answer is to the questions that they’re giving you Read More

The Lounge Travefy Podcast Interview

I was recently interviewed by Travefy for The Lounge Podcast. Travefy is a great company that provides travel agents client management tools to save you time, make your life easier and WOW your clients! Travefy is also one of our new partners in the Travel Expert Marketing Academy – if you’re an Academy member you Read More

END Overwhelm in Your Travel Business

Travel Professional – do you want to break free from the overwhelm of the too-much-work-for-way-too-few-results cycle? Are you ready to END overwhelm in your travel business with a clear straightforward marketing plan? If yes, listen up! 👂 📣 You’re invited to a LIVE online workshop that walks you through the magic (actually, the proven SCIENCE) Read More

A Brilliant Time Management Strategy for Travel Agents

How well you manage your time AND energy is one of the TOP predictors of your success as an agent.

In this video I’ll walk you through an effective strategy called Counterbalance which you can implement immediately and start benefiting from.

Today is My Birthday and I Want to Celebrate With YOU!

I asked my team to open up our 7-Figure Travel Agent Mindset Facebook pop-up group for another FUN round of camaraderie, encouragement and PRIZES to celebrate my birthday with you this year. The 7-Figure Travel Agent Mindset group is for any and all travel agents, whether you’re in the Academy or not, and it’s totally Read More

SUPER Helpful Time-Saving Tool for Travel Agents

Travel is COMING BACKKKKKKKK!! Many members of our Travel Expert Marketing Academy are telling us that their phones are LIT UP with client inquiries right now. Now the only issue is having up-to-date info on where to send your clients (what’s open), what the testing/quarantine/vaccine requirements and restrictions are, etc. Peter Wells with Dragon Slayer Read More