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Travel Expert Marketing Academy Reviews

Have you been thinking about joining the Travel Expert Marketing Academy? But… you’re wondering if it’s just another on-line program that is going to take your money and not really offer you anything new in return? Or, worse yet, is this Heidi person not even real? Is this all just too good to be true Read more

Joanna Scott * Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month * November 2018

I am so excited to introduce you to November’s Outstanding Agent of the Month Joanna Scott of Scott Travel. Joanna’s positive attitude and outlook are contagious!  😎 Just like most of our Outstanding Agents, Joanna attributes her success to her mindset, along with hard work, and investing in training and support – the kind you get in the Travel Expert Read more

Linda Hedges * Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month * October 2018

You might hear from the naysayers and negative nellies of the world that travel agents are a thing of the past. That it’s not a lucrative profession and you’ll never make any money…. ….and I’m hear to tell you that is a lie! Successful, professional Travel Agents are very much alive and well and prospering Read more

Scott and Heather Travis * Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month * September 2018

Do you know why I love doing these Outstanding Agent of the Month interviews so much? Because I love showing the world that Travel Agents still exist and that you are still thriving and that you can still help them plan amazing travel experiences that they could never plan on their own! And I love Read more

Mario Parker * Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month * August 2018

We have had such fantastic response to our Outstanding Agent of the Month series – thank you for all your positive feedback! We are so thrilled that you are being inspired and encourage by hearing about all the great things your fellow travel agents are up to. Our August Outstanding Agent of the Month is Read more

The Best Travel Agent Marketing Ideas 

Read more

Book Review: Miracles Now by Gabby Bernstein

I think we can all agree that we could use more miracles in our lives right now.  In today’s Travel Expert Insider I’m sharing with you one of my favorite books to read when I need a reminder of the BEAUTY and POSSIBILITY that’s all around us.  It’s a wonderful, inspiring, easy-read about how to Read more

Elizabeth Foss * Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month * July 2018

That time I got stuck in a dress…. I used to consider myself a minimalist, in many ways I still do. I’m NOT a shopper and I HATE clutter (I used to be a professional organizer), but there is one area where I am definitely NOT a minimalist…. I have an entire (large) walk-in closet Read more

How to Handle Competition as a Travel Agent

Do you worry about how to handle competition as a travel agent? Do you ever wonder if there are enough ideal travel clients to go around? I’m here today to tell you that you never have to worry about competition again.  I mean it! You are free to let go of the fear of competition Read more

Staci Elizondo * Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month * June 2018

We are doing something new and really exciting here inside the Travel Expert Marketing Academy. Our agents are always sharing so many fantastic travel agent success stories that we decided we really needed to honor them – and showcase their success to inspire other travel agents that it IS possible to build the business of Read more