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Book Review: Miracles Now by Gabby Bernstein

Here in the northern hemisphere it’s SUMMER and I’ve got a jam-packed schedule of family stuff, weddings, events, AND of course trying to keep up with my businesses on top of it all! Does this sound like your summer too? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, because I’m enjoying every minute of it! Sometimes Read More

Elizabeth Foss * Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month * July 2018

That time I got stuck in a dress…. I used to consider myself a minimalist, in many ways I still do. I’m NOT a shopper and I HATE clutter (I used to be a professional organizer), but there is one area where I am definitely NOT a minimalist…. I have an entire (large) walk-in closet Read More

How to Handle Competition as a Travel Agent

Do you worry about how to handle competition as a travel agent? Do you ever wonder if there are enough ideal travel clients to go around? I’m here today to tell you that you never have to worry about competition again.  I mean it! You are free to let go of the fear of competition Read More

Staci Elizondo * Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month * June 2018

We are doing something new and really exciting here inside the Travel Expert Marketing Academy. Our agents are always sharing so many fantastic travel agent success stories that we decided we really needed to honor them – and showcase their success to inspire other travel agents that it IS possible to build the business of Read More

The 3 Best Investments To Make In Your Travel Agency Business

travel agency business 032618

It can be hard to know what to spend money on in your Travel Agency Business. Which investments are a waste of money and which are the best investments to make in your travel agency business? I created a short video for you that talks through three of the BEST investments you can make in Read More

The Truth About Charging Planning Fees

In today’s Travel Expert Insider video I’m going to share with you the truth about travel agent planning fees.   VIDEO TRANSCRIPT One of the biggest — and most damaging — myths for travel agents is something I hear all the time: “I’d charge planning fees (or higher planning fees), but there just isn’t a Read More

Learn How Travel Agents Get Paid and How You Can Make More

how do travel agents make money

I just returned home from the biggest marketing conference of the year – Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego. I’ve got lots to share with you so stay tuned! Today I want to chat about making money as a travel agent. There are low paid travel agents and high paid travel agents. And in Read More

The Right Marketing Mix for Travel Agents

Marketing Mix For a Travel Agency

I just wrapped up an epic 2-week trip to Bali and am now headed to San Diego to attend the largest marketing conference of the year – and staying an extra couple of days to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her. To see pics of our adventures, come follow me on Instagram. Here in today’s Read More

How To Earn More as a Travel Agent

travel agency business

I’m on a bucket list trip in Bali right now – and LOVING it. It was quite the journey getting here, but well worth it so far. If you want to see some pics of the AMAZING Airbnb my hubby scored come join me on Instagram. Here in today’s Travel Expert Insider, I want to Read More

2 Things ALL Wildly Successful Travel Agents Do

how to become a successful travel agent

In my experience working with hundreds of travel agents like you, I’ve found that there are two things that ALL of the most successful agents do… and of course, I’m going to share them with you in today’s short fun Travel Expert Insider video. The good news is that if you’re not yet doing these Read More