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How To Say Goodbye To Scraping By

If you’re not making the kind of money you want to be making, or at least not on a consistent basis – maybe you feel like it’s feast or famine –chances are you have at least one of these three (totally fixable!) problems in your travel business. 1. You don’t have a well-defined niche and Read More

We Launched A Book Today!

I wrote my first-ever book (especially for you, with love!) which is now available on Amazon for $10...and to celebrate the launch of it, it's yours for just 99 Cents (special offer ends May 18th, 2017). I hope you download it and get a ton of value out of it. And if you do, please Read More

Problems Smart Travel Agents Have

common travel agency problems

Being smart is a good thing, right?  Of course - however, there are a few problems that smart travel agents need to overcome. SMART TRAVEL AGENT PROBLEM #1: THEY OVER INTELLECTUALIZE THINGS Smart travel agents and smart people, in general, tend to over-intellectualize things, sometimes to the point of analysis paralysis.  Ever been guilty of Read More

3 Things Your Website Needs

3 Things Your Website Needs

In today’s Travel Expert Insider I want to talk about your website because it is one of the most important marketing tools in your business.  Your website shouldn’t be just a pretty online brochure, it needs to be part of your sales force that’s working for you 24/7. In order for your website to be Read More

How To Eliminate Distractions and Hyper-Focus

how to Hyper Focus

When you sit in front of a computer most of the day it can be easy to get distracted… there are dings, pings, and notifications.  And every time you open up your email or Facebook, or another social media app, there awaits you a sea of wonderful distractions. So, how do you eliminate the distractions Read More

2 Ways Travel Agents Unconsciously Destroy Their Success

affirmations for travel agents

For this week’s Travel Expert Insider I felt called to share something really personal with you that has made a huge difference in my life in terms of success and happiness, and I believe it can make a huge difference for you too. Your language, both what you say out loud and what you say Read More

The Most Important Thing You Must Do To Succeed in SEO – Part 2

Neil Patel

Have you implemented the tips from Part 1 of How to Finally Win at SEO? If you haven’t yet, or you haven’t had a chance to read that one - go read it now and then come back here for part 2. It’s right here, I’ll wait. :-) That’s good stuff, isn’t it? Today I’m Read More

How to Finally Win at SEO – Part 1

Neil Patel

Several months ago I had the privilege of interviewing SEO Expert Neil Patel for an exclusive Travel Expert Marketing Academy training. Today I’m going to share just a few of the golden nuggets of SEO wisdom that Neil shared with our Academy members. (If you are an Academy Member, you can find the full interview Read More

Do You Know This Simple Secret to Boosting Your Productivity?

boost your productivity

Going paperless is all the rage in the digital age, and in many cases for good reason. It saves money, reduces waste, takes up way less room, and is easier to file and store. But there’s one area where it doesn’t pay to go digital: when it comes to setting goals and boosting productivity to Read More

Business vs Personal Social Media Profiles – Which is Best for Travel Agents?

I'm in sunny San Diego at a marketing conference with some of the world's most brilliant marketers.  It's called the Traffic & Conversion Summit.  It's all about how to get more IDEAL clients to land on your website, AND how to get them to buy from you (use your services). I attend this conference every Read More