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Avoiding Burnout: Time Management Strategies for Busy Travel Agents

Travel agents provide an amazing service to the world. You’re not only helping people take amazing trips and create life-long memories, you’re opening their eyes and hearts to other cultures and people and generally making the world a better place. You also play a crucial role in the tourism industry, serving as an intermediary between Read More

All You Need to do is The Next Right Thing

If you’re struggling right now, let us offer some help… The past few years have been a roller coaster – and not the good, fun kind of roller coaster – the terrifying kind of roller coaster that you can’t wait to get off of and never ride again! The collective troubles, anxiety and fear we’ve Read More

The Best Way to Grow An Effective Email List

We talk a LOT about how the key to a successful and fulfilling career as a travel agent is working with your ideal clients. One of your marketing goals should be filling your email list with your ideal clients. You can then use your email newsletter to nurture your relationship with them and establish yourself Read More

Are you ready to receive YOUR miracles in 2023?

How have the first couple weeks of 2023 been going for you? We hope it’s off to a great start! 😊 If you’ve been in our 7-Figure Travel Agent Mastermind group this week, I’d bet you’re feeling a lot better about your chances of success than you were last week! That group is on fire Read More

The 4 Elements of Effective Boundaries

We talk a lot about boundaries in the Travel Expert Marketing Academy. (If you’re in the TEMA, you can access an excellent workshop on boundaries for Travel Agents in your MTE Vault here.) Strong, effective boundaries are VITAL to working with your ideal clients and having a successful travel business that you love. Sometimes we Read More

How to Finally Win at SEO – Part 1

Can you guess what marketing question we get asked the most? Everybody wants to know how to SEO their website to get it to the number one spot in the search engines. So it makes sense that one of our all-time-most-popular Advanced Modules in the Travel Expert Marketing Academy is an interview Heidi did with Read More

How to Create Your Personalized Marketing Plan

In last week’s Travel Expert Insider I gave you the Full-Time Travel Agent Secret Formula. The first part of that formula is your niche, specialty and ideal client. They key word here is “your”. You are the secret sauce in the secret formula! It may sound a little cliche, but Dr. Seuss said it best Read More

Become a Full-Time Travel Agent in 60 Days

As small business owners – especially micro-business owners who often work alone – we sometimes get discouraged and even feel like giving up. We loose sight of our dreams, why we started our business in the first place and the hope of success. If this is you, I’d like to offer you some encouragement. I Read More

Is THIS the reason you don’t have enough clients?

Wondering why your phone isn’t ringing off the hook with potential clients who want to book travel with you? Or maybe you’re just wishing your phone would ring – period! 😬 If you don’t have enough clients, if people aren’t reaching out to you, inquiring about booking travel with you, then you have a lead Read More

Travel Agents! Let’s talk about how to grow your travel business

There are few things more frustrating as a travel agent than those “clients” who pretend they are interested in your services, but are really only interested in picking your brain and getting as much as they can out of you for free so they can book their own travel. 😖 It’s a complete waste of Read More