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How to be a Successful Travel Agent From Home

For today’s Travel Expert Insider I want to talk to you about working from home and the #1 mistake that I see many travel agents make who work from home, and more importantly how you can avoid this mistake and immediately become more successful as a result! I’ve been working from home for over a Read More

Learn How to Promote Your Travel Agency With These Fresh New Strategies

How To Promote Your travel Agency

If you’re looking for a fresh new strategy for getting IDEAL clients, you’re going to LOVE this. I made you a short video walking you through two variations of a highly effective strategy for getting new ideal clients to book travel with you. The best part is that this strategy is FREE and in some Read More

The Best Time Management For Travel Agents

time management tips for travel agents

All of us have the same 24 hours each day. What we do with those 24 hours matters. It matters a lot. It dictates the quality of our lives. Are you ready to master your time and increase the quality of your life? If yes, you’re going to like today’s Travel Expert Insider on mastering Read More

Travel Agency Marketing Ideas For Getting High-End Travel Clients

For today’s Travel Expert Insider I’m sharing with you a fantastic FREE strategy for getting new high-quality clients. Not many agents know about this strategy yet, and it works like a charm. Free Special Report 14 Ways To Get New Ideal Clients Your info is secure and will never be shared. Video Transcript If you’re Read More

To Become a Better Travel Agent You Need to Simplify Your Travel Business

As I’m sure you realize, in addition to continued education and personal development, there are other factors that play a critical role in your success as a business owner and as a travel agent. For today’s Travel Expert Insider, I made you a short video that shows you one key strategy to becoming a better travel Read More

How to Book More Travel

Good morning, A couple of weeks ago I swept my hubby off to Providence, Rhode Island for a romantic weekend (it was his anniversary gift). We stayed at the Renaissance Providence Hotel, which is located right next to the State House. It’s a gorgeous hotel in a perfect location with pleasant and helpful staff. When Read More

Something Million Dollar Travel Agents Do

In today’s Travel Expert Insider, we’re talking about something really important that’s critical to your long-term success AND happiness. I sometimes hear new business owners (or more often, the spouses/partners of these new business owners) say something like this: After we get X number of clients or make X number of dollars, then we’ll invest Read More

Are Your Free Consults Costing You Business?

3 tips for free consultations

Just over a year ago my husband, mother-in-law and I moved into a new home that needed a significant amount of work done. The house was in renovations from about 6 months before we moved in to a couple of months after.  Let’s just say it was quite an adventure…. During that time I had Read More

How To Shortcut Your Success As A Travel Agent

travel expert marketing academy

Do you see people who are an overnight success and wonder how they did it? If you hear their story you’ll find out that they most likely were NOT an overnight success. Being “very successful” at almost anything, especially a business, is a process. A big part of the process entails showing up consistently, doing Read More

Why Successful Travel Agents Offer Free Consults

successful Travel Agents Offer Free Consults

The most effective way to convert a prospective client into a paying client is by giving them a free consultation (usually held over-the-phone).  When done right, these consultations usually only take around 15 minutes (a little longer if the prospective client decides to hire you and you collect a planning fee and/or service contract from Read More