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Galen and Heidi

Get More Clients NOW System

11 Proven Ways To
Get More IDEAL Clients

LIVE Online Workshops & Q&A for Travel Agents

Includes the complete system + recordings


Your Clear Straightforward Action Plan

Do wish someone would make it easy for you and just tell you exactly how to market yourself as a Travel Professional?

Do you wish they would just show you which of the overwhelming choices of client-getting strategies you should be using – and show you simple ways to implement them?

If yes, we’re here to grant your wishes!

You will walk away from this LIVE online training with a clear, actionable plan for getting NEW IDEAL clients to your travel business.

We’ll be showing you 11 free and low-cost ways to get more new IDEAL clients in your travel business… and the best part is, you can use these methods IMMEDIATELY.

Then, a month after this live training, we’ll be hosting another LIVE Q&A on Zoom to answer any new questions that have come up for you. So you’ll spend a month implementing the client-getting strategies, and then you can come to another live Q&A on Zoom to get coaching support on anything that’s come up for you while you were implementing the strategies.

This extra support will help ensure you’re able to successfully implement the new client-getting strategies.


Why Should I Care So Much About Getting New IDEAL Clients?

If you don’t clients, you don’t have a business.

And if you have crappy clients (time-wasters and bargain-hunters), then you have an exhausting business where you’re over-worked and under-paid.

So how do you get clients?

More specifically… how do you get IDEAL clients?

The answer is…

You need to have 3 to 5 “Lead Sources” in place. A Lead Source is just like it sounds… a source that continually
sends you new, potential clients, also know as leads.

Essentially your Lead Sources are client-getting strategies but they are on-going… an on-going source of client leads.


Are YOU Making These Same Mistakes?

When it comes to Lead Sources, I see 2 common mistakes that many travel agents make:

  1. They don’t have ANY consistent Lead Sources in place. They do random hit or miss client-getting strategies and therefore are always feeling starved for ideal clients and not consistently hitting their income goal.
  2. They’re running around like a chicken with their head cut off doing 10 different random client-getting strategies, none of them all, and not getting the results they want.

With the Get More Clients NOW System you’re going to get a consistent flow of IDEAL clients to your travel business.


When you don’t have a consistent flow of new ideal clients coming in, it can feel really frustrating….

  • You’re not sure how you’re going to make the money you need to make in your travel business.
  • You might be fighting with your spouse or partner about the lack of money you’re making in your business.
  • You might feel like something is wrong with you or like you’re failing at creating a successful travel business.
  • You might even be thinking that maybe you need to quit your business and get a job.


Don’t worry though, We’ve got good news for you!

Although it may feel overwhelming right now, this problem is easy to fix!

You just need to know what the best Lead Sources (client-getting strategies) are for travel agents right now, then choose the 3 to 5 that are best suited for your business, personality, and skill set… then get them set up and sending you new clients, EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

Of all of the problems that you’ve solved in your lifetime, this one is an easy one to solve.

We’re going to make it even easier for you by walking you through the 11 BEST Lead Sources (client-getting strategies) for Travel Agents RIGHT NOW.

Then, we’ll show you how to choose 3 to 5 of them best suited for your travel business.


These are the kinds of results
you could be getting…



Your Get More Clients Now System Includes:

what you get


This Get More Clients Now System is PERFECT for Travel Agents who are…

with a host agency, a consortia, a franchise, or are independent, who either work-from-home or have a brick-and-mortar store front.
You can attend from your computer, tablet or phone as long as you have access to the internet. If you can’t attend live, it’s okay because you’ll be getting a complete recording so you can watch it at your convenience – anytime, as many times as you want to.




You might be wondering if any of the 11 best client-getting strategies will help you tap into the growing market of affluent luxury travelers?

The answer is… YES!!

In order to land more BIG-BUDGET travelers, you need to embrace a new style of marketing that gets you in front of luxury affluent travelers (which some of these 11 Lead Sources will do for you), and then you need to show them how you can serve them (the value of hiring you), and then give them a crystal clear pathway to working with you.

Now maybe you don’t care about working with affluent travelers, you just want to work with YOUR type of IDEAL clients.

Either way…

To be in business you need clients… good clients!

Not the budget-travelers, tire-kickers, and time-wasters.

I want to show you exactly how to attract them… a SEA of them.

Sound exciting?

It is…

Having a profitable thriving travel business with amazing clients is incredibly exciting and rewarding.

In your Get More Clients NOW System, we’ll be walking you through 11 of the BEST Client-Getting Strategies (Lead Sources) and answering your questions.

The 11 Best Client-Getting Strategies
For Travel Agents RIGHT NOW

The Get More Clients NOW System is available for FREE to members of the Travel Expert Marketing Academy, AND it’s available for a limited time to non-members for one payment of $177 or 2-Easy Payments of $97.





When are the live online classes being held?

Wednesday, June 29th at 12-1:30 Eastern

Monday, July 18th, 12-2 Eastern

Wednesday, August 17th 11-1 Eastern


How do I attend?

You can attend from any device that’s connected to the internet – your computer, phone, or tablet. These classes are being held via Zoom.


How long will the classes be?

Approximately 90 minutes, depending on how many questions there are.


What if I can’t come live or need to leave early?

You’ll automatically get the recording so you can watch it at your convenience.


What if I’m a member of the Travel Expert Marketing Academy?

Then this entire system is FREE for you and you’ll get automatically get a special invite to it in your Monday Marketing Insight (your members only Monday morning email that has your announcements for the week).


What if I decide to join the Travel Expert Marketing Academy during this class?

GREAT! We will credit you the FULL AMOUNT for this class when you join us in the Academy.


Have a question that isn’t answered here? Reach out to us at:

[email protected]


Using the client-getting strategies from Marketing For Travel Agents took me from working with dud clients to dream clients.

– Cass Dejaynes

I have implemented most marketing suggestions for getting new dream clients they’re working really well for me!

– Donatella Braghieri

So far I have gotten about 8 new inquiries in less than 3 weeks, and 3 new bookings and the leads that are inquiring have better budgets and are more quality clients (at least so far).

– Trish DeDamos


11 Proven Ways To Get More IDEAL Clients

Your Clear Straightforward Plan

Online Marketing Masterclass – One payment of $177 or 2-easy payments of $97


Remember, if you can’t attend live, it’s okay… we’ll send you the recording so you can watch at your convenience.

If you want to get clients, people need to know you exist. Clients don’t just magically fall from the sky.

As part of this system, we’ll show you the 11 free and low-cost client-getting strategies that you can implement IMMEDIATELY.



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