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To Become a Better Travel Agent You Need to Simplify Your Travel Business

As I’m sure you realize, in addition to continued education and personal development, there are other factors that play a critical role in your success as a business owner and as a travel agent.

For today’s Travel Expert Insider, I made you a short video that shows you one key strategy to becoming a better travel agent.  This strategy has some great side effects we well which include simplifying your business, increasing your bookings, and attracting higher quality clients.


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If you’re wondering how to be a travel agent or even the best travel agent, there’s one key that you need to know and understand.

Knowing this key, you’ll deliver a better service to your clients, making you a better travel agent and doing your job will be easier more fun – plus you’ll make a lot more money in addition to being a better travel agent.

And to strategically grow your travel business you need to know who exactly is your ideal client and a big hint here – it’s not everyone! You need a tight well-defined niche and ideal client avatar.

This may sound basic, but so many travel agents are not nearly specific enough as to who their ideal clients are or and what destinations they book and the types of trips that they plan and book.

There’s a cheesy old adage that says the riches are in the niches and it’s absolutely true. I know it seems counterintuitive to narrow your niche but when you do you’ll be able to serve a lot more people you’ll work fewer hours. Your job will be easier, you’ll make a lot more money, you’ll enjoy your work more – all of that when you have a tight well define niche and ideal client avatar.

Think about doctors – general practitioners are amongst the lowest paid doctors. Specialists are the highest paid. Why is that? Because they are specialists. People value specialists more than generalists. People pay more to work with specialist and your job is easier. You’ll deliver better service for your clients making you a better travel agent. And then getting new clients is easier too.

After you narrow your niche and identify your ideal client you’ll find that people are much more willing to pay a planning fee to a specialist, a travel expert, because people value specialists. And then getting new clients is easier too. Your ideal clients – the ones are spending a significant amount of money on a trip – they are seeking out experts who specialize in the specific kind of trip that they want to be taking.

Below this video you can download a guide that walks you through a basic process for narrowing your niche and identifying your ideal client avatar.

If you can’t narrow it down to just one, you can have a primary and a secondary niche and you can have a different type
of ideal client for each.

In the Travel Expert Marketing Academy we show you how to get so specific that your ideal clients actually think that you’re living inside their head which is the key to effortless selling. This is what the best travel agents do.

Now I’d love to hear from you! What specific services do you offer and who specifically is the best fit for your services? Please share in the comments below.

It’s your time to shine – so what are you gonna do to break through to that next level of your Travel Business and life?

niche guide book

Free Discovery Guide

Discover the perfect niche and ideal client avatar for you

Your info is secure and will never be shared.

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