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Allow Yourself To Be Pulled By What You Love

Time and time again we hear from you that you feel overwhelmed with all the marketing advice coming at you all the time. Too often you get this message –

If you want a successful business, all you have to do is _______________!

And the list of The One Thing You Need To Do Right Now In Order To Succeed is (ironically) pretty long:

  • Develop an amazing client-attraction system
  • Clear your money blocks
  • Have a gorgeous and effective website
  • Send out a regular e-Newsletter
  • Have a clear marketing message that resonates with your dream client
  • Have a feel-good effective strategy for converting leads into clients
  • Deliver fantastic service
  • Develop yourself and your skills
  • Raise your abundance mindset
  • Meditate
  • Automate and Systematize Your Business Process and Marketing
  • Buy this book
  • Buy this course
  • Buy this product
  • Work like a dog
  • Stop working so hard
  • And do this, that and the other thing

So, which one is it? Which one will get you there?

The answer is…all of the above. (Okay, maybe not exactly the encouragement I promised, but hold on, I’m getting there.)

You do need great client-attraction systems. You’re going to have to get over your money hang-ups. You absolutely should invest in high-quality marketing. You will have to deal with personal stuff — your self-worth, your level of assertiveness, your conflict-aversion.

It’s true that the best personal development program is starting a business!

The reality of owning your own business is that it takes most of that and more to be successful. There’s nothing wrong with the one-thing-you-need-to-do advice — other than the fact that it’s waaaaay too simplistic.

At some point, you’ll likely learn that each and every one of these things is the exact thing you need at certain times. And when you’ve exhausted this list, there will be more.

Don’t get caught up in the one-thing-you-need-to-do advice. There is no silver bullet. No magic pill. Having a successful business takes time, energy, and risk.

And you know what else? It’s incredibly fun, rewarding, and thrilling!

Marketing For Travel Agents

If you let yourself ride it out and fully experience the chaos, the fun, the mess, the excitement — owning a business can make you smarter, more interesting, wiser, and kinder.

It will help you understand that you simultaneously need to be super confident and totally humble. It will soften your rough edges, and toughen your weak spots. It will reveal your best self and will help you bring amazing things to this world.

Don’t be lured by the siren call of easy answers. Owning a business is an ever-changing ride on a long, gorgeous, raging, peaceful river. If you’re lucky, you’re plugged into something you genuinely love and are passionate about.

Whether you’re hanging on for dear life in the rapids right now or serenely floating and taking in the beauty — or somewhere in between — consider the wisdom of the poet Rumi when he said: “Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.”

The tools, resources and knowledge will show up exactly when you need them. 

To rolling with it all,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team


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