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The Most Affordable Way to Nurture Your Prospective Clients

You’ve got a prospective client in your ecosystem — that is, they gave you their email address and are now on your list. So, what’s the best way to engage them enough to keep them interested in what you’re up to?

The best and most affordable way to show them that you “get them” — that you know what they’re looking for, what they need, what will make life easier for them — is to send out a regular, well-written e-Newsletter on subjects that matter to your DREAM clients.

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Let’s break it down:

1. Regular: Send them out either weekly or every other week, and on the same day and time.  For example, every other Friday at 8am.  This way people know they can depend on them (and depend on you)

2. Well-written: Make it easy to read and interesting, and include at least one beautiful stock image in the body of the text.  One of our favorite places to get good cheap stock images is Deposit Photos.  Keep in mind that what you send out is a reflection of the energy and professionalism you value in your business.

3. Subjects that matter: Show that you’re a travel expert by offering insider tips and practical, real-life solutions to common issues that they might be facing. Set yourself up as a ready, dependable resource for problem-solving.

4. Include a CTA: At the end of each brief e-Newsletter, give a simple call to action (known as a CTA).  Invite your reader to schedule a “free consultation” with you, and provide a link to your online scheduler.  If you don’t yet use an online scheduler, here is a short video on how to set one up.

Sending out a regular e-Newsletter is the most powerful, affordable, and effective marketing tool to reach prospective DREAM clients, build a know-like-trust relationship with them, and get referrals and repeat clients.

Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

P.S.  We created a library of professionally written and edited e-Newsletters for you! 

For a small one-time investment you can access the ENTIRE library and use as many of the e-Newsletters as you wish.

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