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Why Are Some Travel Agents Booking Millions of
Dollars of Travel Each Year While Others Are Barely
Paying the Bills?

Old School Travel Agent Marketing

The old school way of marketing your travel agency no longer works – or at least it won’t produce the level of income and time freedom that you desire.

So what do you do? How do you become a WILDLY successful travel expert in this new era without over-working yourself?

I’ll answer those questions and more, but first let me introduce myself.

Hi! I’m Heidi DeCoux, founder of the Travel Expert Marketing Academy and on this page I am going to share everything you need to know about the Academy and how it can help transform your Travel Agency into one that you love, and one that makes you a consistent reliable income.

But first, it’s honesty time. Are you happy with the money you are making in your travel agency? Are you satisfied with types of clients you are attracting? If not, I’ve got good news. You can change that.

The travel industry is BOOMING! There are FAR more dream clients than their are travel agents to serve them. The problem is, your dream clients don’t know you exist. You are a hidden gem.

So while you struggle to make ends meet some months, maybe even most months, there is a sea of ideal DREAM clients out there who are overwhelmed booking their own travel online, and who would LOVE to work with you!

You probably realize that in order for those dream clients to find you and hire you, you need all of the right marketing in place. The problem is, it can be completely overwhelming (and expensive!) to GET all of the right marketing in place.

You might be feeling like you’re between a rock and a hard place — you don’t have the time, energy, money and know-how to get all of the right marketing in place so that you can consistently attract DREAM clients, however, if you don’t take action soon you’ll be forced out of business, or at minimum, you’ll keep missing out on big commission checks and ideal clients.

Today is the day everything changes.

My team and I have been working around the clock to create the perfect solution for you — a fun, fast, efficient, and affordable way of getting all the right marketing in place.

Most Travel Agents are Too Burned Out, Overwhelmed and Confused to Put the RIGHT Marketing Systems in Place to Attract IDEAL Clients

So, the solution we created for you eliminates the overwhelm and confusion, gets results FAST. And doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy.

With this solution you can turn your travel agency around FAST.

  • You can have an effective web presence.
  • You can leverage the digital world and automate much of your marketing.
  • You can experience time and financial freedom.


I know this because I’ve done it myself and I’ve had the honor of helping dozens of others do it as well. I am so passionate about this work because I believe that when you’re doing work that you love, with clients that you enjoy serving, and you are financially empowered – then everybody wins. You win, your family wins, the community wins. Every single person deserves the chance to realize their full potential, and that is why I created Travel Expert Marketing Academy.

The Academy is for Travel Experts who want to work with DREAM clients, earn BIG commissions, automate much of their marketing, and most importantly – have freedom. Time freedom, and money freedom.


Within 3 months of working with CSM I started meeting my monthly income requirements, which has been a huge relief! And I now understand marketing in a way that I never would have otherwise. I highly recommend CSM and will be a lifelong client.

– Kelley Suggs

In less than 6 months of working with CSM I’ve already made back 10 TIMES my investment!


I’ve spent 14 years working for and with the most proficient Fortune 100 companies and no one has ever given me better marketing advice. Heidi and her team are the ones to hire!



You Have the Power to Design Your Life &
Have the Freedom You Seek

Now, before you get this, let me tell you exactly what it does… so that you know it’s right for you.

In the Travel Expert Marketing Academy you will gain the skills you need to market yourself effectively in the new digital world. And if you’re not very tech savvy – we’ve got your back! You’ll get easy-to-follow step-by-step trainings on all of the technical stuff you need to know. You’ll be creating a gorgeous and effective online presence, and a systematized marketing funnel that consistently brings in new DREAM clients.

This program is like NONE other!

Whether you want to transform your existing travel agency, or you’re just starting out – this is for you!

We’ve created the most efficient (and FUN!) pathway for you to transform your Travel Agency into one that you LOVE, and one that makes you a very good, reliable income.

What’s Included

Outlined below is part of the marketing curriculum, techie training, and support included in your Travel Expert Marketing Academy membership. There is SO much included that we couldn’t list it all, so here is some of what you’ll be getting.


The Done-for-You Marketing Services Included

Mini-Branding Package
Your brand is an important component of your marketing. We’ll work with you to create a brand that reflects you, the services you offer, and will attract your IDEAL dream clients.

Customized WordPress Website
You’re getting a gorgeous 7-page user-friendly WordPress Website that is designed to be HIGHLY effective at attracting your ideal clients. A cool feature about your new website is that you can update it yourself! We’ll give you easy-to-follow tutorial videos so that you can easily make changes to it anytime you want – change text, change images, add pages, and so on. Your website will come with a built-in blog (which you can turn off if you’d like – or we can import an existing blog that you have). Your site will look and work great on all mobile devices and tablets. It will have Google Analytics and tracking set up, and basic Search Engine Optimization (and we’ll show you how to optimize it even more if you desire!). If you prefer to have us update your website for you in the future, we’ll give you 30% off our a la carte website services.

Custom Designed e-Newsletter Template
This template will be mobile-friendly, reflect your brand, match your website, and we’ll code it into your email marketing system. If you don’t yet have an email marketing system, we’ll help you select one and we’ll get it all set up and configured for you – for no extra charge.

Custom Designed Business Cards
These will be designed to reflect your new brand and match your new website.

Custom Designed Facebook Timeline Image
This will be designed to reflect your brand and match your new website.


The Marketing Training (Curriculum) Included

Discover Your Ideal Client
As the saying goes “if you try to market to everyone, you will appeal to no one”. A critical first step in an effective marketing plan is to identify the exact type of client you LOVE working with – the ones that make your heart sing. In this Module you’ll gain the clarity, insight and confidence you need to attract an abundance of DREAM clients.

Craft Your Messaging
Your marketing messaging needs to touch, move and inspire your ideal prospective clients to take action and schedule a free consultation with you. In this Module we will help you craft an Opening Mission Statement (OMS), which is similar to an “Elevator Pitch” (but much more effective!). Your new OMS will excite and intrigue your ideal prospective clients. We’ll also walk you through a very simple process for crafting strategic and creative copy for your website and all of your marketing pieces.

Give the Perfect Free Consultation
In this Module you’ll learn how to invite ideal prospective clients to a free consultation with you, and how to facilitate the consultation in a smart, effective and efficient manner. You will know within minutes if the prospect is a good fit for your services, and if they are, you will have the skills to convert them into a paying client using a fun feel-good method. Your new client will leave the free consultation call excited to work with you! And in many cases they will be thinking about who they can refer to you BEFORE you even start working for them.

Create Your Gorgeous New Brand
Branding is so much more than a logo! It’s the perception of who you are and can have a dramatic effect on the type of client you attract. If you want DREAM clients to come to you in droves, your brand needs to be compelling, cohesive, and an authentic representation of YOU. An effective brand will help attract clients to you like kittens to fresh milk.

Create Credibility Online
We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto! Having an effective and compelling online web presence is no longer optional – it’s a MUST. In this Module we make it very easy for you to establish your credibility online – even if you’re not-so-tech-savvy. We will walk you through step-by-step as you set up, configure, brand, and automate your online credibility. You may even be pleasantly surprised at how easy and fast the process is when you have the right instructions and a good coach!

Attract a Steady Flow of Ideal Clients
Right now it may seem to you that there is a finite number of dream clients out there for you – but I assure you, that is simply NOT the case. In this Module you’re going to discover exactly where your ideal clients are both online and offline, and we are going to help you get your new gorgeous brand, messaging, and call-to-actions in front of them. Attracting DREAM clients is going to become so effortless that you’re going to wonder why you spent so long struggling and scraping by.

Get the Bookings!
We’re going to teach you the secret strategies to getting your clients to take action by responding back to your itinerary quickly. And we’ll show you a fun easy method of securing the booking! Once you learn these strategies, online travel will no longer feel like your competitor. People will be jumping at the chance to book with you! You’ll feel valued, appreciated, and most importantly, you’ll make more money and waste less time.

Set Up Efficient Automated Systems for Running Your Business
One big advantage to technology is that you can now automate much of your business and create a better experience for your clients. The caveat is you need to know exactly how to leverage technology and which systems to use. In this Module, we make it really easy for you to choose your technology and then set it up and automate it. Even if you’re not-so-tech-savvy, you can leverage the power of technology to save yourself hundreds of hours a year, and we’ll show you how.

Grow Your e-Newsletter List
It’s been said that “the money is in the list”, meaning, the more people who are on your e-Newsletter List the more clients you have and the more money you make. In this Module you’ll learn how to grow a large and responsive community of DREAM clients! Imagine how great you will feel as your following grows, and you know that every new name of your list is a seed planted for DREAM clients to hire you over and over again.

Leverage Social Media
Social media can be a time-suck! But it doesn’t have to be. We’re going to show you how to turn your social media networks into client-attracting, profit-generating, money-magnets that only take a little bit of time to manage! Instead of social media being “one more thing you have to do”, you’ll start to actually enjoy it. And you’ll REALLY love the commission checks you’ll get as a result of you learning to properly leverage it.

Your website is the “home base” of your business. It showcases you, your service(s), your brand, and should be designed to entice prospective dream clients to take the next step in working with you. We will show you how to structure your website so that it attracts prospective DREAM clients and helps turn them into PAYING dream clients.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO can be intimidating and confusing. We’re going to clear up all of the confusion for you! We’ll tell you exactly what you need to know, what you need to do, and most importantly, what you don’t need to worry about. You’ll find out exactly how to get ranked on Google and the other search engines, and we’ll show you a really easy way to monitor your rankings and your website traffic.

Landing Pages
We’ll show you how to use landing pages (aka squeeze pages) to capture leads online, and how to set up an automated follow-up email campaign that is designed to entice your new leads to schedule a free consultation with you. You’ll discover copy secrets to make your offers irresistible and clearly showcase the value of your services.

Facebook Ads
Chances are your dream clients are on Facebook, and you can quickly and inexpensively reach them through Facebook Ads. If you’ve tried Facebook Ads before and haven’t had success, it’s because you don’t yet know all of the Facebook secrets. We brought in a Facebook Ads Expert to show you the fastest easiest and most inexpensive method for getting DREAM clients on Facebook. Our expert buys over 1.5 MILLION dollars of Facebook Ads each and every month for his clients. He only works with high level clients and has a waiting list for his services because he is known for turning every campaign he touches to gold! You’ll be learning from the best of the best.

Automated Marketing System
We’re going to walk you through the process of setting up a marketing system that consistently gets you new DREAM clients, and we’ll help you automate it as much as possible (don’t you love things that are automated?!). The secret to your success is to stop getting distracted by shiny new objects and instead implement an effective systematized marketing plan that gets you new dream clients on a regular basis — and we’re going to show you how, step-by-step! This is going to completely transform your business.

Create & Achieve Goals With Soul
This is your time to connect with what you truly desire and yearn for in your business and life. In this Module you’re going to access your TRUE desires, and then activate powerful energy within yourself for achieving those goals – and doing so with grace and ease. You’re going to naturally start prioritizing and finding efficient ways to spend your time and energy. What you’re going to learn to do is is nothing like traditional goal setting!

Clear Your Money Blocks
A healthy relationship with money is an absolute MUST for your success. In this Module we will uncover your current money beliefs and how they may be holding you back from receiving the income and lifestyle you truly desire. Once this is healed, and your vibration around money is raised, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your financial situation can change!

Time Mastery
You’re going to discover the secret to productivity, delegation, getting and staying organized, and how to determine ‘who else can do this’ – all of which will put you in the driver’s seat of your business and life!


The Technical Tutorials Included

Stock Images
What you need to know about copyrights, where to find great images, how to re-size them, and how to put text on them and edit them.

The difference between a personal page, business page, and a group, how to create a business page, how to upload a new Timeline Image so that it’s sized right and looks great, how to add an email opt-in offer to your Facebook page, which of the bells and whistles you should utilize on Facebook and which ones you should not waste your time with.

How to upload new blog posts and SEO them, how to add images and format them, how to add or change text, how to check your contact forms, the best plugins to use and why, and some simple tricks for having a website you love.

Email Marketing
Why you need an email marketing system, how they work, how to choose your system, and the ins-and-outs of using your email marketing system to automate some of your processes.


The Support Included

Live Group Q&A Calls
We keep these calls small so that you can get ALL of your questions answered. We want you to be WILDLY successful.

Access to a Private Facebook Group
You’re going to have a smart savvy supportive tribe of Travel Agents rallying behind you! Being a part of this amazing group will move you from individual struggle to collective grace. And as a collective force we are going to put Travel Agents back on the map!


We know you’re busy so our goal is to save you as much time and energy as humanly possible. We’ve designed the Academy to be efficient and FUN! Transforming your business should not be a burden. In fact, the most efficient way TO transform your business is to experience fun and joy in the process. Studies prove that our brains work better when we are having fun, and they actually shrink when we are stressed out!

Now is the perfect time to stop stressing and start enjoying.

You are obviously really serious about attracting a steady flow of DREAM clients and I just want to take a moment to acknowledge you for that.

Most people never take the time to educate themselves the way you have.

You’re online, you’re reading this page, and you really have the commitment and determination to do this now.

That’s why you’re perfect for the Travel Expert Marketing Academy. It’s specifically for Travel Agents like you who want a steady flow of ideal clients so you can earn the income you want without working tons of hours.


Since joining the Travel Expert Marketing Academy I’ve landed 3 new dream clients, revamped my website, and lost 22 pounds! My morning routine is on point and I’m even spending more quality time with my kids!

– Cass DeJaynes


Monthly Membership

$97 / month

One-Time Enrollment Fee of $400

Save $150 NOW During Our Enrollment Special
Special Ends When The Countdown Timer Runs Out




You are working with dream clients, getting big commission checks, have created a gorgeous brand and online web presence that you’re proud of, have automated marketing systems in place that support you and ensure consistent revenue, and most importantly, you have time and money freedom.

With the right training, coaching and tools you can experience a complete transformation in your business, and in the quality of your life.

The Travel Expert Marketing Academy is a month-to-month membership that gives you efficient results-based marketing training, along with live group coaching, so that you can get the RIGHT marketing systems in place quickly and easily. You don’t have to be tech-savvy and you can work at your own pace.

This Program is NOT For You If…

  • You want everything “done for you” and are not willing to learn the necessary marketing skills to create a thriving travel agency. In the Academy we’ve designed fun insightful curriculum that takes you through the MOST efficient path for getting the right marketing systems in place and working for you. We walk you through step-by-step, but you have to do the work. If you’re looking for a magic pill, this isn’t for you.
  • You are not willing to change the way you run your business. The definition of insanity is when you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. We’re going to show you how to run a better more efficient agency. You’re going to learn how to change your business so that you are attracting dream clients, making great money, and you have plenty of time for friends, family and travel. As Oprah says, “when you know better you do better”. We’re going to show you a better way. There is no reason that you need to work tons of hours and/or have inconsistent income.
  • You like to whine, complain, and/or are negative, please do not join. We are creating a group of AMAZING Travel Agents who love and support each other, who are attracting DREAM clients, who are having a BLAST, and who are making great money! No negative-nillys allowed.
  • You are not willing to take inspired action. If you think that signing up and paying the money is all it takes to transform your travel agency into one that you love, this is not for you! You need to take consistent inspired action. We will guide through what actions to take, and coach you along the way – but you have to take the steps.



This Program is For You If…

    • You are tired of working long hours and you can’t figure out why you’re not making great money.
    • You are tired of your friends and family asking you for travel advice, not hiring you, and then you see pictures on Facebook of them visiting the places you recommended.
    • You want to put an effective marketing system in place that consistently brings in DREAM clients and is as automated as possible.
    • This is for you if you are ready to have a business that makes great money — not a hobby or charity.


I spent the better part of a year implementing Heidi’s easy-to-follow marketing training. During that time I quadrupled my income, and I now work 15 hours a week LESS than I used to before starting Heidi’s program.

– Leann Latus

Within 90 days of being on Heidi’s SEO plan we went from having 10,000 unique visitors a month to our website to having 24,000. Our SEO Manager, Rachel, has been fantastic to worth with.


When I started working with CSM my business was in the red. A year later I was consistently having five figure months, and now I am on track to make over six figures this coming year. The best part, I work an average of 12 hours less a week now then when my business was losing money. I recommend Heidi and her team to EVERYONE who has a business.

– Nichi Hirsch

I love my strategy sessions with Heidi. She gives actionable advice that produces an immediate boost in income.


I haven’t seen another marketing professional as focused and passionate as Heidi. I look forward to being a lifelong client!


I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and paid multiple times the cost for marketing programs over the years that delivered MUCH less than this.


During my Strategy Session Heidi was able to take a look at my business and create a ‘big picture’ plan that helps connect all the pieces. She also gave us some wonderful resources to help make these great ideas happen!


After a one hour meeting with Heidi I had an entirely new clear, simple, straightforward marketing plan. Heidi stays true to her name, offers strategic insight, and asks all the right questions!


Heidi is not only very knowledgeable but also extremely approachable and easy to work with. She motivated me to make changes that I would never have thought of, or had the know-how of what to do. I highly recommend CSM to any small business owner who wants to create and maintain an online presence and take their business to the next level.


I have never met a consultant like Heidi. She is quick-thinking, responsive thorough and totally on her game, staying on top of new trends at all times. You cannot go wrong hiring her and her lively team of people who directly reflect her energy and enthusiasm.



Frequently Asked Questions

Am I going to learn how to be a Travel Agent?

The Travel Expert Marketing Academy is for travel agents who already know how to book travel, you simply need more DREAM clients. You want an effective marketing system that is as automated and systematized as possible, and that delivers you dream clients on a consistent basis. You want to work fewer hours and earn higher commissions by streamlining your business and marketing. You want to be in a tribe of fun-loving nurturing agents and marketing coaches who rally behind you, celebrate your successes, and hold you accountable to your goals.

If that describes you, then the Travel Expert Marketing Academy is for YOU!

Will I have access to all the modules at once?

The Travel Expert Marketing Academy curriculum has been carefully designed and tested so that you complete the training in the order that will give you maximum results and long term success. The structure of Travel Expert Marketing Academy will also help you steer clear of overwhelm and fully implement your new marketing system.

Will I have lifetime access to my Academy materials?

You will have access to the curriculum, support team, and live group coaching calls for as long as you are a member.

How much time will it take me to do this program?

The Academy is a work at your own pace program. You can spend as little or as much time as you want each week implementing the marketing systems you’ll be learning. For best results we recommend spending 4 hours a week marketing your travel agency, but it’s totally up to you! It depends on how fast you want to increase your revenue and if you work part time or full time.

Once I join the program and have questions, where do I go for support?

We have a full time Travel Expert Marketing Academy Support Team in place to support you and provide you with a high touch experience. Please send all questions related to Travel Expert Marketing Academy to [email protected] and your inquiry will be assigned to a team member that can best serve you. You will also be invited to small live group coaching calls hosted by Marketing Maven Heidi. We keep these calls small so that you can get your questions answered and the coaching you need.

When does Travel Expert Marketing Academy start?

Your Academy experience begins as soon as you enroll!

How long do I have to complete the program?

This is a work at your own pace program. You’ll have access to the curriculum and group coaching for as long as you are a member.

Are the live calls and events recorded if I cannot attend?

Yes, all of our live group coaching calls are recorded. We recommend that you listen to all of the live group coaching calls to anchor in your top learnings. And if you want additional focused one-on-one coaching, we have 30-minute sessions available for you at a reduced rate.

What if I’m a seasoned travel agent and already have a steady income, a list and an online presence?

The Travel Expert Marketing Academy is scalable! We designed this program for new travel agents and seasoned agents at any stage of their business. If you’re booking six figures in travel a year and want to be booking seven figures – this program is the fastest and most streamlined way to reach your goal. If you’re struggling to book a few thousand dollars a month and you want to be booking six or seven figures a year – this program is the fastest and most streamlined way to reach your goal. Either way, this program is for you.

How much time do I need to commit to Travel Expert Marketing Academy on a weekly basis?

It’s completely up to you! The Marketing Academy is a work at your own pace program. If you want fast results, we recommend that you plan on spending an average of 10 hours per week implementing the Modules in your business. The curriculum is designed to support travel agents at any stage of their business so it is best to implement and apply the content you learn into your business rather than looking at your modules as if they are a separate entity from your business. Remember, there are no magic formulas or special potions that are going to create your business breakthrough for you. However, if you fully implement all of the training modules you’re new reality will be working with DREAM clients, making BIG commissions, and having a balanced schedule of work and play.

Will I get 1-on-1 feedback and coaching from Heidi during the Travel Expert Marketing Academy?

The Marketing Academy is a group program. Heidi will conduct the majority of the small group Q&A calls. Your opportunity to receive guidance and training from them, live, is by attending your calls to get your questions answered. We intentionally keep these calls small.

What if I don’t like the Academy, can I cancel my membership?

Yes. Your membership is month-to-month and can be cancelled anytime with a 15-day notice. Simply email [email protected] your cancellation request. (Enrollment fee and past dues are non-refundable). We will email you back to confirm we received your request and let you know what day your membership access will be stopped. With all of that said – we KNOW you’re going to find the Marketing Academy so valuable that you will be a member for as long as you are a Travel Agent!

I have a multi-agent agency, can we get a group discount?

Yes, we have a group discount available for agencies with more than one agent. For details schedule a one-on-one phone chat with Marketing Maven, Heidi. Use this scheduling link to find a time that is convenient for you ==>

Is there an option to purchase a year long membership at a discount?

Yes. The Academy has been designed for you to be a member for as long as you are a Travel Agent because it will be one of most valuable tools in your business. If you choose to pay annually instead of monthly, you’ll save over 25% (annual membership is $1,173 per year). To take advantage of this option, schedule a quick phone chat with Marketing Maven, Heidi. Use this scheduling link to find a time that is convenient for you ==>

I already have a website, can you just update my current site?

No. We have a lot of experience with this and we’ve found that the absolute best thing to do is to give you a new clean website that is built correctly, is designed and branded for your dream clients, and has proper SEO and other functions built into it. Even if you like your current website, most likely this new website will be much more effective for you. Our goal is to help you scale your business by attracting dream clients and automating as much of your marketing as possible. Your website is a critical component to having a travel agency that you LOVE that generates a reliable and FANTASTIC income for you. We’ve built over 200 websites. We know what we’re doing. Let us show you how much more effective your website can be by allowing us to build you a new site.

I already have a website, can I use my same domain name and/or email?

Yes. We can build your new website on your current domain and you can keep your email address as it is.

I already have a website, can I keep my current website live while you build me a new website.

Yes. We have a couple of different options for doing this. Schedule a phone chat with us and we will go over the options with you so you can choose the option you like best — but the answer is, yes, we can absolutely do that for you.

Will I fully own my new website?

Yes. The new website we build for you is 100% yours.

Will I be able to make changes to my website myself?

Yes. We will give you access to short easy-to-follow tutorial videos that show you how to make changes to your website.

Will my new website be a WordPress website?

Yes, your website will be built on WordPress using a Premium Theme that is fully mobile responsive (which means it will look great on all computers, tablets and smart phones). And it will be very easy for you to update yourself.

Are their any additional costs to the new website I am getting?

Yes. Owning a website is like owning a car. You need to maintain the car, pay to park the car, and so on. Below is a breakdown of the additional costs to owning your new website.

The Additional Costs You Can Expect:

Website Hosting – Based on your needs, we recommend a hosting company and a hosting plan. Approximately $180 for two years ($7.50/month).

Website Backup – We recommend using Backup Buddy. Approximately $80/year.

Website Maintenance – You will need to keep the back-end of your website up to date with the latest version of WordPress and WordPress plugins, and you will need to test your backup system on a quarterly basis. Our website maintenance plans are $46/quarter, however, you are not required to use our maintenance plan. You can do the updates yourself, or hire whomever you choose.

Domain Name Hosting – You will need to own a domain name (for example: We recommend getting your domain name from Godaddy and the cost is approximately $14/year.

Anti-Hacker Software – After your new website is live, we recommend that you have an anti-hacking program installed on your website. The one we personally use on our website and recommend to our clients is approximately $40/year. This is optional but we highly recommend it.

Online Scheduler – We recommend that you use an automated online scheduling system such as Time Trade to make it fast and easy for prospective clients to book Free Consultations with you. The cost will be approximately $50/year. We would be happy to configure your online scheduler for you for just $1/minute. On average, it takes us 30 minutes to configure a new account.

Stock Images – We have a sectional of stock images for you to chose from that are free for you to have. If you would like other or additional images for your site (most Travel Experts do), then you’ll need to purchase those. The source we recommend charges $1-$3 per photo for unlimited lifetime use on your website, but of course, you can choose to purchase/use photos from anywhere you would like.

How does the process work of getting my new website?

It is a simple 5 step process.

1. In the program we will take you through the process of zeroing in on your niche and ideal client avatar, and then creating your messaging and brand so that you can attract dream clients.

2. Once you complete that process you will be given access to an easy to follow Website Checklist that walks you through how to prepare the information for your new website. You’ll be assigned a Project Manager who is available to answer any questions you may have as you gather your information.

3. Once you complete and submit your Website Checklist, your Project Manager will get started building your new website. It generally takes 4-6 weeks depending on our current volume of work.

4. When it’s complete, your Project Manager will send it to you to review. We’ll encourage you to take a couple of weeks to test drive it. Make a list of any tweaks and changes you want made to it and submit the list to your Project Manager. We’ll make up 90-minutes worth of tweaks and changes. All changes beyond the 90-minutes are just $1/minute.

5. We’ll give you access to short easy-to-follow online training videos that show you how to make updates to your website. This puts you in control!

How many pages will my new website be?

It can be as many pages as you want, and there are 7 pages included in your package. We can create additional pages for you for just $1/minute with a 30-minute minimum, or you can create additional pages yourself by following the instructions in the tutorial videos we give you.

You’ll get the following 8 pages created and designed:

1: Home – This page is designed to touch, move & inspire ideal prospective clients to want to know more about you and your services.

2: Services – This page educates ideal prospective clients by highlighting your service(s).

3: About – This page builds a “know, like, and trust” relationship with your ideal prospective clients.

4: Scheduling – This page makes it easy for both clients and prospective clients to schedule appointments with you (for sessions, consultations, and any other services and/or events you provide).

5: Free Consultation – This page features YOUR “Free Consultation” and entices ideal prospective clients to schedule with you.

6: Thank You! – New email subscribers are directed to this page after they opt-in to watch your signature talk. This page builds a “know, like, and trust” relationship and puts your ideal prospective clients in your marketing/sales funnel.

7: Privacy Policy – This page is now required by law and links to it appear in your footers.

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Meet Your Marketing Consultant


Heidi DeCoux

Heidi DeCoux started off over a decade ago as a freelance professional organizer and productivity coach. Like a lot of entrepreneurs, she worked full time at a “job-job” while she built her coaching business on the side — and eventually had to take the leap and leave her job if she wanted to truly build her business.

Also like a lot of first-time entrepreneurs, she didn’t know at that time exactly how to make a business work at first. But she learned. She spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on courses and workshops.

After finally building a thriving, profitable business, she realized three things:
1) She loved helping people!
2) Most small business owners do not have the time to develop marketing strategies because marketing is itself a full-time job.
3) More than just sharing what she’d learned, she wanted to show people how to implement what she had learned and help them take control of their marketing.

That’s how Clear Simple Marketing (CSM) was born. Now, more than five years later, things are humming. CSM primarily works with service-based businesses, like coaches, health practitioners, and travel agents. The CSM team creates nimble and smart marketing strategies that uniquely fit each client, offers real-world and tested marketing kits that drive traffic and generate revenue, and builds client-attracting websites. For three years, CSM has been in partnership with Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs (GIFTE) and has built over 70 beautiful, profitable, and industry-savvy websites for travel agents around the country.

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