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Refer Your Travel Agent Friends & Earn Lifetime Membership In The Academy

Refer 10 Friends to join the academy and we’ll pay for your Lifetime Membership!! You’ll never have to pay monthly dues again. And if you already upgraded to Lifetime Membership, we’ll reimburse you.

Upgrading to Lifetime Membership is an investment of $1,500-$2,997 depending on if you upgrade the day you join (at the half off rate) or you upgrade at a later date, so with this Referral Program you’re essentially earning $150 per referral.  Once you’ve earned your Lifetime Membership (by referring 10 agents), then we’ll pay you a $150 affiliate commission on each additional agents you refer.



Refer Your Travel Agent Friends in Two Simple Steps

#1 – Invite them to our upcoming FREE Marketing Training (we’re hosting several of them right now).

Send them an invitation by copy and pasting the link below them in an email or social media message to your travel agent friends.

Whether they join or not, they’ll get a ton of value out of this free marketing training.


#2 – Email the Support Desk the names of the travel agents you referred so if/when they join, you get the credit.

[email protected]


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