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A Brilliant Time Management Strategy for Travel Agents

As a travel agent you wear a LOT of hats and have to juggle a TON of tasks and emails.  It’s easy to fall into overwhelm and feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

How well you manage your time AND energy is one of the TOP predictors of your success as an agent.

In this video I’ll walk you through an effective strategy called Counterbalance which you can implement immediately and start benefiting from.

After you watch this video if you want the entire Time Management System for Travel Agents which includes helping you AUTOMATE & SYSTEMATIZE your business and life and grab-and-go templates for implementing it quickly – then join us in the Travel Expert Marketing Academy.


Hey there, travel agent! Today, I want to talk about time management and energy management. So now that things are opening back up, people are booking travel again. They are excited for their #revenge travel after having been cooped up for over a year. I know in our Academy, our Travel Expert Marketing Academy, which is our premier membership program, we have a lot of agents reporting to us that their phones are ringing off the hook. There is a huge rush back to travel agents right now in a way that we never could have predicted. And so people are booking, are ready to book, ready to travel, and then there’s a huge rush back to travel agents. So it’s a really exciting time for agents right now.

And with that comes having to really manage your time and manage your energy. So oftentimes people will talk about balance. So you think about, you know, those little tops, like those little toys that you put on a table and you spin and it’s spinning around and it’s like balanced out where you’ve got different areas of your life.

So you’ve got your business, you know, financial area of your life. Then you have like relationship area of your life. You’ve got health, self care, you know, the different areas of your life. It’s virtually impossible to keep all of the things balanced. And what I find is that it’s actually a lot less effective too, like, it’s really hard to reach your goals in the different areas of your life if you’re trying to keep them all in balance all the time, it’s it holds you back. So a better strategy is something called a counterbalance, and I’m not the first person to talk about this. There’s a lot of experts out there. Kate Northrup is one I’d recommend following her if you’re interested in more of this strategy, she’s one of my favorites.

The strategy is called counterbalance. And what that means is you lean into different areas at different times. So when you need to lean into your business, which might be now, you might be in a season where you really need to lean in because there’s a lot of clients flowing in, or maybe you’re a new travel agent just getting started. And so when you’re starting a business, it takes a lot of rocket fuel to get it off the ground, right? Where you’ve got to really lean in and focus. And so you’re going to set a timeframe and say, okay, for the next, you know, week, month, three months, you know, whatever it is, I’m going to lean in hard on business. And you want to communicate that with the different people in your life and get yourself set up, to do a hard lean in to the business. You can really focus your time and energy on that. You’re going to put off maybe home projects. You’re going to talk to, if you’ve got a significant other, kids, in your life, all of that and say, you know, I’m leaning hard into the business for this amount of time and have a date when you’re going to kind of come up for air.

When you come up for air, you then want to lean into self-care. That’s the time to really fill your cup, get your health back on track. Try not to let it go too far off track. You know, you need to keep things moving. You shouldn’t just do all work and not sleep and not eat, not right. You need to keep some form of balance going on some form of self-care, but you’re leaning in hard to the work for a specific amount of time, right? Then you want to lean in hard to the self-care and really fill your cup back up, get recentered, physically, come up.

Then you’re going to lean into relationships, family and let the family know that this is when I’m going to lean hard into you. So maybe you’re going to lean into work for say, you know, depending upon how hard, sometimes you can lean really hard for like a week where you’re just, you are going to just kind of work a lot for a week, or if you’re going to lean just hard, but not super duper hard. You can do that for maybe two, you know, two months or a month or whatever it is.

And then lean into that self-care for maybe if it’s even, it’s just two or three days where you’re leaning hard. You’re taking some time off. You’re just, you know, really like getting your cup full again, then leaning into like the family, relationships. That’s usually the next best place to really lean into that, nourish because now your cup is full.

So you rocked the business, you got things going, you completed maybe a new client promotion or got a bunch of your marketing in place or whatever you did that you had to lean hard into. So that’s done now. Then you leaned into your self-care. So you’ve got that aligned and now you can lean into family and relationships, right? So you can lean hard there.

And then you’re going to have to lean back maybe to the business, you know, so it really is this counter balanced strategy where you’ve got very specific goals in each area of your life, but you’re focused hard on those goals at different times, right? So you’re focused really hard over here, hitting a goal. Then you can focus over here and a goal. Then you can focus over here, you know, et cetera. And you can add other elements. Those are just the three main areas that you need to lean on and see you’re counter balancing. And a lot of highly successful people follow this strategy because you’re like, when you look at certain, people are like, wow, how did they do it all?

How is it they’re having it all? Well they’re not doing it all and having it all simultaneously, they are counter balancing. Like if you go interview people that it just seem like they’re doing it all and having it all, what you’ll find is that they’re counterbalancing really well. So I recommend that you try out this counterbalance strategy. We do have a tool available to help you.

It’s called our 90 Day Travel Agent Success Planner. This is a fantastic printed planner that we shipp to your doorstep. It’s based on a proven method that’s out of Harvard that makes people 10 times more likely to reach their goals. And you can use this for all areas of your life. So you can use this for the business, for your personal life, all areas of your life it is built.

Because we’re not any one thing like, you know, you’re, you’re a business owner. You might be a spouse. You might be a parent. You might be, you know, you’re a bunch of things, right? And they’re all integrated. And so living a highly integrated life and just accepting that your life is integrated, usually will create the most peace and flow for you. So our planner is fully, fully integrated for all areas of your life. So if you’re interested in checking this out, you can go to And if you’re not currently a member of our Travel Expert Marketing Academy, which is our premier program for helping travel agents like you build thriving businesses where you’re working with ideal clients, you’re making good money, you’re not overworking yourself, you’ve got a lot of systems and processes set up that are flowing for you. You’ve got really effective marketing in place. If that’s something you’re interested in, then come to a free online preview of the academy, just go to

You can register there. It’s a free online marketing training that walks you through the exact marketing system that we help you implement in the Academy. So the free training is the entire marketing blueprint, the whole system, we even give you as a handout to go along with it, along with some other handouts. So that’s totally free. It’s 90 minutes long, and it just shows you like what the Academy is based on. Then at the end of that free marketing training, I’ll tell you all about the Academy where we, my team and I actually help you implement the marketing system. So we give you coaching support. We give you templates, done for you proven scripts to use, things that you could just grab and plug into your business and get results with.

We give you how to tutorials, you know, strategy calls, all of that is included in the Academy. So for free, we give you the whole marketing plan. That’s highly effective and works for all travel agents, whether you’re with a host agency or you own a franchise, you’re independent, consortia, whatever. It’s a great marketing plan that works for all travel agents.

You get that for free and the free online training. And then if you want us to help you implement it all, you can join us in the Academy. So go to to sign up for that free marketing training. And then after you send it for the free marketing training, we actually have a about a 10 minute free video that you can watch that walks you through the proven system for being 10 times more likely to hitting your goals.

The system that this a planner is based on, and then we actually have a special offer for you to purchase this planner. I think it’s 40% off, so 40% off. So just go to You can register for the free online marketing training, which is a preview to the Academy. And then you can watch a 10 minute video that shows you this, this time management productivity system in detail and you a special offer to invest in this 90 Day Travel Agent Success Planner, if you’d like it, but you can use that system even without the planner. You can just use it on your own, or if you want to have it all laid out for you in a planner that’s made for travel agents, you can invest in that.

Like I said, I think it’s 40% off right now. So just go to

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