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6 Reasons Why WordPress is the BEST Option for Your Website

Travel Agent WordPress WebsiteA gorgeous, optimized, profit-driving website does not have to cost a fortune. Here at Marketing For Travel Agents, we’ve been using and building Travel Agent websites with WordPress for the last five years, with incredible results.


There’s often (reasonable) confusion between and In short, is the option you definitely want for your business. is great if you want to start a blog as a hobby or have a smaller pWordpress Website for Travel Agentsroject. But for your business, you want something that’s fully hosted using a commercial speed host that you select, robustly secure, easy to back up, and that has your name in the URL (aka,


Here are six quick things we love about WordPress and why we’ve been using it for so long:


1.They are cost-effective. You can get a beautiful, clean, user-friendly site that’s FULLY customized to your needs at a great value. It’s easy to create stunning designs that we can then code into your new website.  And you can completely redesign your website anytime you want.  Most successful businesses do a major refresh of their website every few years, and with WordPress that is easy and cost-effective to do. WordPress works with all the latest code languages.


2.  They are wonderfully social. Not only do they look great, they work across multiple platforms. So your site functions seamlessly from laptop to desktop to smart phone to iPad. Wherever your potential clients are, your site is there for them.


3.  They put you in control. Because WordPress’s platform is super intuitive on the back end, you can make changes to your site on your own. You can edit text, add photos, update forms. Of course, we are happy to make these changes for you if you don’t want to — but with a few basic tutorials (which we give free of charge with every website package we sell), you can make changes on your own and save time and money.


4.  They are super easy to maintain and update. You’ll be notified every time a WordPress update is available. And with our maintenance plan, we go in regularly and back up your site, keep it protected from hacking, make sure all your plug-ins are current and functional, and update your site to the latest version of WordPress. You can create a site that can easily grow with you, saving you the time and money with costly site overhauls — not many platforms can say that.


5.  They give you access to a variety of useful, affordable plug-ins that turn your site into an SEO powerhouse without the insane price tag. Make your site more visible on Google. Track which pages and promos are the most successful. Sync effortlessly with your email management system. Add a shopping cart if you want. Easily integrate your site with your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other social media accounts. There really is no limit to what your site can become.


6.  You blog gets to live right on your site. It really couldn’t be easier. Have an update for your followers? Have some travel tips or photos of the FAM Trip you’re on that need to be shared pronto? Got a hot promo that you want to get the word out on?

You get share whatever you want quickly and easily!  You can instantly bring your clients and prospective clients into the ecosystem of your beautiful site. They get a wonderful way to engage in conversation with you and get to know you even better.

What do you wish your business website could do? What do you dream it could look like? How would you like to attract and interact with your current and potential clients? Chances are, it can be possible with WordPress.


Love & Success,

Heidi and Your Marketing Team

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