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5 Quick Copywriting Tips for Travel Agents

The words you write on social media, all over your website, in your emails, in your blog posts, in your video titles… those are called copywriting.  Or, “copy”.

Copywriting is a challenge for a lot of travel agents, so if you’re struggling in this area, you’re not alone. 

The bad news:  Having lackluster copy will dramatically limit your success as a travel agent.

The good news:  Significantly improving your copywriting skills is relatively easy, and I’m going to help you do it.

Knowing how to write copy that connects with your ideal client, creates emotional appeal, and cuts through the noise has the power to dramatically improve your business success.

Our world is drowning in a chaotic sea of information, blog posts, status updates, flashing ads, and pay-attention-to-ME syndrome. 

Just think how hectic it is to even scroll down your Facebook feed these days.

The deepest, darkest bottom line: People are HAPPY to tune you out. And if you’re getting tuned out, your profits are getting turned OFF.

How do you fix this?

You sharpen your copywriting skills. 

To get you started I’ve got five quick tips for you today.  When I say “tips”, I actually mean “rules”.  I know that rules are not that much fun, however, following these five simple rules can help you attract more dream clients and get more bookings – which equals more money in your pocket, and money is definitely fun!  😎

Today I’m going to gift you access to a travel agent copywriting workshop that is going to teach you a powerful 3-step process for transforming your copy from blah, bland, cliché, average, sea-of-sameness jumble of sentences…into statements that don’t just turn heads, but hearts. And profits. Major profits.

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Before I send you access to the powerful 3-step copywriting process, you need to know, understand and follow these five simple copywriting rules. 



#1:   Thou shall always write as if you’re speaking directly to one person. 

When you say things like “hello everyone”, your audience feels as though you’re not talking to them.  To build rapport with your audience, speak from the heart directly to them. Whenever possible, use the words “you” and “your”.  The more you use those words, the more your reader feels as though you are speaking directly to them.

#2:  Thou shall keep it digestible.  

Use short paragraphs and bullet points.  Keep in mind that many of your readers are reading your copy on their phones.

#3:  Thou shall always be clear. 

Being clear means that your readers don’t have to think twice about what they just read.  To do this, keep your copy uncluttered, and don’t be overly clever. 

“A confused mind always says no.  And, the CLEAREST marketer always wins.”  – Marie Forleo

#4:  Thou shall be concise. 

Don’t use run-on sentences, and actively cut out extra words. 

#5:  Thou shall never write a sentence in all caps!  

You could write a word or two in all caps if it’s appropriate and if you’re trying to make that word or phrase really stand out – but never write a full sentence or your reader will think you are screaming at them.  Plus, it’s hard to read copy written in caps.

In the comments below tell me which of these five rules you break the most often.  For me it’s Rule #4.  I’ve had to train myself to not write run-on sentences.  How about you?  Which rule do you struggle the most with? After you leave a comment below, go grab our free travel agent copywriting class.

Love & Success,

Your Marketing Team


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