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3 Things Your Travel Agency Website Needs

Latest update: May 15, 2023

In today’s Travel Expert Insider I want to talk about your travel agency website because it is one of the most important marketing tools in your business. 

Your website shouldn’t be just a pretty online brochure, it needs to be part of your sales force that’s working for your travel agency 24/7.

The 3 C’s of Travel Agency Website Design

In order for your website to be a lead generating machine, it needs to do three primary things for you:

1. Connect

2. Capture

3. Convert

Let’s break each of these down.


You must connect with your target audience instantly and communicate how you can help them. If people are confused when they get to your site, you have lost.


It needs to capture your prospects email address. This is SO important. A significant percentage of visitors will not book with you on their first visit to your website, and if you don’t set up your site to capture their email address so that you can build a relationship with them over time through an e-Newsletter, you are essentially throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars. No bueno. 


Your website needs to convert ideal prospective clients into booked clients! To do this, you need to strategically place calls-to-action (CTA) for your free consultation throughout your website and link those calls to action to your online scheduler. 

If you previously purchased our Quick Start Course, you were able to get more insight into each of these things in that course.  And if you’re a member of the Travel Expert Marketing Academy, then you’ll be getting a super deep dive into everything your travel agency website needs in order to be a lead-generating machine for you.

So, is your website doing it’s job? If not, use these tools to give it a lead-generating, ideal-client-attracting, money-making makeover.


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